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Mad Butter

Jul 24, 2001
Hello! I have just currently bought a new Sk-6 heat sink and a delta 60mm fan to go on top of it. I heard it is 1 of the best coolers around. What do u think??? I heard it is better than water cooling because regualr water is warmer than air temp. So what do u think? what cooler do u have?
Welcome to OCer's dot com's BBS, Mad Butter! Hope you enjoy it here.

According to what I read, the Thermalright SK-6 seems to be the best HS you can get in its price range. I don't think there's a better "light" all-copper HS anywhere. OCer's.com did a review of a new ultra thin finned Cu HS on the Front Page on July 27. It's said to rival the SK-6, but personally, I think that the fins are so close together that they'll get fouled by dust quickly.

In other words, you bought wisely! As to HSF's, I have an Alpha PEP-66, a GW FOP-38, a Vantec Si5, a Millennium Glaciator and a Vantec 60350D?? I can't remember the model number--it looks almost exactly like the Global-Win FOP's.
Like Klosters said. The SK6 is a nifty piece of copper.

What heatsink am I using? Alpha PEP66. Bought it a while ago. I've run the gamut of different cooling solutions and come to the conclusion that the Alpha just kicks booty.

The all coppers definitely outperform it, but ultimately I feel as if the CPU is quite happy just as it is. If it ain't broke, don't break it.
yes, you got a great heatsink. Its not better than a good watercooling kit, but its pretty close. You should be a happy overclocker with it.
Welcome to Overclockers.com

The Sk-6 is about as good as it gets for air cooling but water is even better. With a water cooled rig you can also add a peltier to get your temps below freezing. Water cooled rigs can handle a lot of heat so your temps stay pretty low even if you are using very high voltages at high speeds.
Thanks for the info. if anyone has anymore info about the SK-6 then just post a message.
I went from the OEM cooler that comes with the Tbird, to the Super Orb, and now to the Gladiator. I dont have much experiance with teh Sk6, but from what ive heard, its the best out there.