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SK6 came in & is on now :-)

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Feb 12, 2001
So Cal.USA.
Yup my ThermalRight Sk6 is on and does make a difference.

At 1.400 with the Volcano II that was on it.
Ambient 31* C, SETI running 53* C. 1.7 C/V.

1.400, with SK6.
Ambient 31* C, SETI running 44* C. !.70 C/V

1.500, SK6.
Ambient 31* C, SETI running 50* C. 1.80 C/V.

1.54, SK6.
Ambient 31* C, SETI running 51* C. 1.85 C/V.

So yes I am happy with my SK6 HSF w/ Delta fan.

Hope to get a 60x38 mm Delta from the UK.
glad to see the improvement in temps, not that I had any doubts it would!
Thats good to hear. I just ordered an SK6 yesterday from http://www.1coolpc.com (formerly 3dfxcool.com)he just added the SK6 to his product line 32.00 plus shipping that looks like about the best deal around right now. He should start shipping them out the middle of next week.
Got mine from "The Heatsink Factory"

Good service.

But the bottom still "needed" to be Lapped.

And I use A/S II also.
nice stats so you are running it stable at 1.54ghz? 51C is not bad for the summer time. I like the way you included the data and it tells the story of how much you were able to improve the temps! almost 10 degrees C now that is impressive if I didn't already have like 5 hsf for two cpus I would get a sk6.

you forgot to say how heavy is that mofo? is it easy on and off? l8r