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SK6 Weird or what

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
I have an axia 1.2 266 fsb processor on the abit kt7a

Yesterday I trashed my alpha pal 6035 for the SK6.

Pal 6035 on my 1.2 at 1.33 temps hit 52-55c vcore 1.775
That is the highest I could oc my processor and be stable with the Pal 6035

The SK6

1.2 at 1.2 temp =45c 1.75vcore
1.2 at 1.33 and 1.775 vcore temp=45c
1.2 at 1.4 and 1.80 vcore temp =45c
1.2 at 1.43 and vcore at 1.85 temp = 45c
Above temps are at max load for 20 minutes each on the pal and SK6,current clock speed 1.43 stable.
WEIRD is no matter clock speed I get the same max temp,I dont know if it is the heat sink or my install,I tend to think this copper weight called the SK6 has a minimum absortion before she disapates the heat.

Mounting slightly easyer on the sk6,alpha pal not bad but still harder.All in all I like the SK6 and will remove her clean processor and reapply artic silver to see if that is why the temps stay at 45c.
well hey it looks like you have a winner that thing is doing a good job. 45C at 1.4 something is rather good. and it looks pretty too!