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Feb 12, 2001
Clinton, AR
After upgrading my brother's computer (celeron 566 @ 850 Asus P3V4X) to an AMD Duron 800@800 in a shuttle AK12 MB I have noticed a lot of skipping or as my brother calls them "mini freezes" in all his games and and multimedia programs. I noticed this when the duron was in my comp. but dismissed it since I'm not a big gamer. I have the latest NVidia detonator drivers (GF 2 MX400) and the latest 4 in 1 drivers installed in a fresh install of windows with the all the updates microsoft deemed necessary. Has anyone else run across this?
and where is it that you may select frames rendered? I do believe it is in the display area of windows. Take a look there and see what you have. 2 or 3 would be correct. I would at least start there. Also check if anti (or is it vsync) is off as when they are on then the monitor is capped at the refresh rate.
Vsync is off, he gets avg 60 fps in UT.

as for frames rendered, I'm not sure I understand. either it's new to me (very well could be) or, I refer to as something else ( seems like everything has 3 different names)

it'll be going along great, showing between 55 and 65 fps and then freeze, the fps counter won't even show a drop. kinda like the comp doesn't even know it's happened
I'm going on the premise that the computer is not freezing up however frames are being dropped. Check under display 3d options and possibly open gl. We have several mx400 pros here that I'm sure will jump in on this as well as intel specialists.
well, this is now a Duron comp, it was an intel celly. I'm slowly ridding myself of intel after buying my XP 1800+. Unfortunately these problems didn't start until I chaged his over
Hang in there and we'll get it straightened out. This only happens in video correct? I.e. no other devices are exhibiting the same prob such as sound.
I had the same problem too ..................with a earlier duron.................since I don't know any thing about the Shuttle ak12 MoBo .................the problem I was having, was with the way Via south bridge hanndles HD access ..................ya might want to do a complete format and reinstall of the OS and all the latest drivers. That sould lcear it up, by the way when ya upgraded the MoBo and cpu did ya also change the ribbon cables for the HD too ...................
What OS are you running ? Make sure if its win me ,98 or such ,that you enable DMA ,it will cause those exact problems if its not enabled ;)

Do you have anything running in the background? You might check your processes running in the system tray and disable as many as you can. Check your startup folder and see what might be going on there. From there, go to the START button and select RUN and type in "msconfig" (no quotes) to run the system configuration utility. Select the STARTUP tab and see what launches at boot time. Unselect those unnecessary things and reboot. Finally, type CTL/ALT/DEL to see what processes are currently running. This will allow you to shut anything down that is running unnecessarily. This is a good place to check to see if you have any 'spyware' running in the background that you might not know about.

Remember to check for viruses and trojans, too.