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Skylake 6700k Overclock & Temps. Reasonable?

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Jan 9, 2016
So I have my Skylake at 4.6ghz and its stable. It makes a weird sizzle/voltage type sound once in a while under full load, not sure if that is normal. When doing heavy exporting of 4k/6k video footage the temps displayed under MSi afterburner jump between 78-80 back and forth. MSi intel cpu tuner shows consistenly 81-82 degrees. Are these acceptable for 100% load for over 15 minutes? Also my case has 8 fans, 5 in, 3 out. coolermaster v8 gts cpu cooler.

I was just wondering as when I put on my Tuniq TX-4 compound I spread it per instructions, however normally I just put a small amount on the center of the cpu (about the size of the capacitors on the board) and then press cooler in place. Always have done that, but the instructions for the Tx-4 were different so I followed them. I believe a very small amount of compound oozed out of the sides of the cpu & cooler. very very small amount.

Just wanted to make sure if these temps are good, if not I will have to reseat the compound and cooler.



Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
Sounds about right for that cooler, it isn't exactly top of the line.

Also, that sound you're getting is most likely coil whine, can you pinpoint what component it's coming from?