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I use Skype sometimes, it's quality is absolutely amazing. BUT, I suspect it is heavy on your internet, because when you try to do a file transfer with it, it's EXTREMELY slow (I'm talking 5B/s)
My brother's in Venuzuela and its the only way to call. In fact,it's the only way he communicates verbally with family and business in the states. Highly reccommend it.
I've been using it for almost a year. Though I don't use it for regular phone calls, its a great tool to stay in touch with friends, family, and overclockers!
I've used it with BF2SF and 1 gig of ram.

I usually shut it off.

But with more ram, like the other people have, whom I game with,

Have ZERO problems.
The files transfer is slow cause your ports aren't forwarded properly in your router (and even if you have, it still happens sometimes). Then skype will relay the transfer using the skype network and limit it to .5kb/s for the sake of the other users.
I baught $10.00 USD in SkypeOut credit and they gave me $2.60 extra in credit. I've called Canada and the UK with it. SkypeOut is where I can call to phones. Plus its really cheap for international long distance.
Online is perfect. I've had very mixed results with skypeout. I use it instead of my cell when I'm at home to save money. Sometimes it is just not good enough though.
I Skype with my bluetooth headset :)
Great little toy, I walk in the room and my computer pics me up and when I walk out my Nokia takes over the set.
I haven't used Skype for ages though, I keep forgetting to recharge my headset...
My GF uses it all the time when studying with friends, sometimes they talk for hour or two trying to figure something out and it would be harsh on the phone bill.
I'm more of a Gizmo fan personally. Honestly, when you're using programs off the computer they're all pretty good. It's when you start adding phone replacement hardware that you realize that Skype is lacking.

Well, unless you didn't mind the phone company monoply of a few years back ;)

Quite frankly, unless it's SIP compatible I don't even bother. And I've given up on Gizmo recently and gone to an open source one. SIP + open source + firefox plugin = teh win.
I've been using Skype for a few months. I like it. (skskou.)

For one thing, it is FREE, which is ALWAYS a great feature, for another, I like using it on one of my lappies, and I can do this hands off. The microphone on a thinkpad is sensitive enough, that I can be anywhere in the room, and it sounds just fine.

A couple of days ago, I called a friend in Seattle up, (Skype) and my brother in Vegas called in. We had a nice 3 way conference call going, with no problem at all. And, I didn't have the headset stuck to my ear!

Oh, one more thing, a little bird told me, ABIT USA uses Skype to talk to Taiwan, ALL THE TIME! They don't pay a flat dime!