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Sl6wu final testing

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Jun 20, 2003
Well after primeing it at 3600mhz at 1.65 volts. It will not pass the 4th test. I guess the cpu doesnt like 1.65volts. I believe my ram is a big factor possibly since im using xms 3200 ram.
what do you think?

I know at 3516 mhz the computer is running great and passing everying at 1.6volts. No case fans running at all very quiet.

What approach should i go now using the ic7 max 3?
well at 234fsb 3518mhz i am 100 percent stable in prime95 self test 14k test 7. been running about hour 48c cpu

what the next move fellas
yea definitely lower the ram ratio, if you are doing that 1:1 then you have some really nice ram. what vdimm are you using? and how are temps?
Well Unreal crank it as high as it will go with the max voltage you want to pump it to. Raise the FSB 5fsb til it crashes prime right away. After you figure that out you know thats the highest it will go and start playing with speeds below that.

Thats what I've done so far and its working out nicely finding the sweetspot on my CPU.
i am very nicely sitting at 3.52 gighertz stable. My freaken brand new hercules 9800xt is f up. Some reason i get blocks and artifacts everywhere now. I had to rma it to newegg. I never overclocked it once! What would cause it to f up? im ****ed i had to pay 15 bucks to ship and wait about a week now.

What do you guys think happend to this card since i was running it at 3.5 gighertz primeing it for 1 hour. I updated direct x to 9.0b

very strange. I hear its a bad dud or not a good seat with the heatsink
i possibly could of ran it once or twice when it wasnt locked down

let me get this straight the agp/pci bus should always be fixed ratio then right
Yeah, definitely. The AGP/PCI bus is pretty finnicky with overclocking, especially the PCI bus, anything approaching 34 can really bugger up stuff. Overclock your video cards core and mem speed by using third party software such as rage3d, Powerstrip, etc. etc. things will be much more stable.

I simply can't wait for my custom case to be finished to put in my new parts, so I'm going to buy a cheap case today and put it all in, except my watercooling (won't fit). So I won't be able to OC as high, I haven't run an air cooled system in a year.
Yeah i will be sure to keep my agp/fixed

I got a new update. I am primeing fine at 240fsb and running 3605mhz. I am using my 4x geforce 3ti 200 at stock speed so maybe this cpu is breaking in

oh my voltage is set to 1.6 i believe and windoctor and cpuz is registering it at 1.57volts

46c load
33c system

no case fans added
Well i havent added any case fans so im running stable at 3570mhz and when i hit 3600mhz 240fsb i do lock out in prime95 . So im going to stay around 3570 which is fast anyway even with my geforce ti 200 . When i get my radeon 9800xt back it will be a different computer again. I like it though.
i think the 3.0c is better than a 2.4c for the price.
boom im at 3.6 gighertz at 240fsb

pushed it to 1.7 volts in the bios on the cpu
when stressing the cpu the cpu voltage goes down to 1.62 -1.63
so im leaving it there and not moving it up anymore

its running great with no errors in prime 95

i guess i could raise the fsb 1 or 2 higher now and leave the voltage the way it is.

Probbly looking at 3.62 to 3.67 gighertz