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slackware 10.0 on AMD k6 450 w/128mb ram?

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Nov 18, 2003
will i be able to install slackware 10.0 on an AMD k6 450 with 128mb ram and a 13gb hard drive? i am new, and my major concerns are

1) partitioning the hd, i have read some things, but i am still very unclear as to what to do, how to do it. does anyone know if slackware 10.0 comes with a partitioning tool? i heard the older versions did not and you had to partition yourself
2)slow processor and not a lot of ram. will 10.0 be able to run alright? i realise i wont be able to use all of the nice user interfaces, but will there be at least 1 i will be able to use?

this will start out being just for browsing, instant messaging and folding. if i keep with it, i might switch my main computer.

edit: this is from the slackware store site, so it says it will work
Following are basic system requirements:

Intel or Compatible CPU: (486, Pentium I/MMX/Pro/II/Celeron/III/IV/Centrino, AMD 486/K5/K6/K6-2/K6-III/Athlon, Cyrix 486/5x86/6x86/M-II). RAM: 16MB required, 128MB recommended for X Window System. Disk Space: 500MB minimum, 2GB+ recommended.

but i am wondering how usable/quick it will be.
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JAPH Senior
Oct 8, 2001
Redmond, WA
It looks like the Slackware installer includes fdisk and cfdisk. It's not Mandrake in terms of user-friendieness but cfdisk should be simple enough to figure out.

As for speed, just pick a nice minimalist windowmanager like *box or windowmaker and don't install a lot of unnecessary stuff. More ram will make Linux happier, but your system will be usable as is for what you want to do.


Jun 27, 2004
yes, you will do fine on a k6. i have linux on my k6-300 and it does well, especially with kernel 2.6.


Nov 18, 2003
i cannot seem to boot after i installed. i opted to not install lilo right away and am trying to use the boot disk.

it is set to boot from the correct root partition, but it gets to a certain point and then says:
WARNING: couldn't open /etc/fstab: no such file or directory
/sbin/e2fsck: Is a directory while trying to open /

then it says a bunch of other things and asks me if i would like to log in as root to fix the problem. i try to type in my password, but it isnt recognized and then it reboots

i have tried to reinstall 2 times, and it does the same thing. my original problem during instalation was fixed by burning the iso files again, this time slower. could the cds still be messed up, and that be what is causing the problems?

edit: alright, the first discs i used (which gave me errors during the install) were burned at 52x. the second set (which i couldnt boot from / with) was burned at 12x. right now im trying to burn a 3rd set at 4x. im getting tired of burning and reinstalling all these times. also, should i be doing a separate format of all the partitions inbetween installs? or is the format performed during the install enough