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Sleeping Dog Tips

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Dec 1, 2008
Last 30 Years NE OH
May can some spoilers,but these tips are great. :salute: These are not my tips.Give all the credit to the hardcore gamers here. http://forums.sleepingdogs.net/index.php?sid=b5ad26ba89fcfa708450118056cfc4ba

I just found out a crucial move. Run up to wall while holding A, and then press X.. awesome!!He does a spinning kick off the wall

Also, people might know this as well, u can do a tackle takedown from the back and front on anyone.. jus run up (A) while holding and then press (B)... awesome.. reminds of The Warriors..

Running up the wall, pull back on stick with x omg very sweet. Just did it! Well i didn't mention that in this thread, but you don't have to pull back on the stick to kick off the wall, BUT if you pull back and press the jump button again he will leap from the wall, and while airborne you can do the same kick. the extra jump just adds some reach

-If you tap A/X right before hitting the ground after a high fall you can roll the landing keeping momentum
-If you sprint with enemy then press RT/R2 he will actually toss him sending him ragdolling in that direction
-You can smack stuff with your door when Wei opens it for an action highjack
-You can kick oil drums and propane tanks, and sometimes they hurt enemies
-You can attack while falling hurting anyone in the immediate landing area

During most missions if you ignore the objective you can roam freely and kill people, without cops bothering you.

A gun is located in a lockbox, go to the map where it ways "Boardwalk", you should find the lockbox on the map by the L and K in Boardwalk, it's down a set of stairs by the water and you will see the red blip light up where three guys will be at

While doing a wheelie if you run into the front or the back of a CAR you will go up really high as if it where a ramp.

Also while doing a wheelie, hold the A button and Wei will squat while the wheelie continues.

Butcher knife in free roam, firts one i have seen, it is by your boat house in Abserdeen Harbour, when you come out of your boat house head to the right a guy is chopping meat and the butcher knife should be blinking blue.

Although not a tip or trick I find it amazing that Wei can whip out his cell phone while riding a motorcycle. It does slow down the bike but you can still browse the menus. I guess the tip here is if you want to know what time of day it is the cell phone displays the time near the top right-hand corner of the device.

Pump shotgun in the back of that police van, the one that is light grey in color. I also have the find police pistols xp activated.

I can't seem to do this even after getting the perk. I walk up to the back of a police cruiser (with the cops still inside) and i don't get any option to open he trunk, haven't tried it yet on a unoccupied vehicle though. BTW can Wei get a police car and where is the police station?

When u have a pistol. Get anyone hostage(LT) with the gun out. Then push (X). and u will shoot there kneecaps! AWESOME!

Just found a place in Bam Bam Club where you are given an option to dance.

It is on the second floor, if you are facing the railing, walk to the left all the way till you cant walk anymore, and are overlooking the first floor dance area. This area is circular in shape and there should be a couple people dancing in this area.

I Found out that when you smash an guy into the fan thingy on the wall , u go out of the map and come back , that guy come out when he wakes up and tries to beat u again!

One More funny things is that when u go to the Wedding Place Where *Spoilers*
Winston and Peggy Marries , there will be alot of police , but dont care them , walk around and find an limo , the limo has a Plate that says "*******FAP"

When racing or driving you can drift turn to make those sharp turns easier, but if you hit anything or turn to sharp than it costs you speed and momentum. You can keep up the speed if you drift and then use ram mid-drift.

For example, drift turn right then ram to the right as soon as you finish turning. Drive forward.

The added bonus to this is that you may actually end up ramming the other drivers so they lose speed, but you don't lose any speed that you haven't already lost by turning.

Tip 1: How to get a police pistol and escape without getting shot to death

Step 1: Find a cop on his own patrolling on foot and make sure there's no other cops in the vicinity

Step 2: Provoke him by beating him up so he gets his gun out

Step 3: Disarm him and quickly holster the pistol by pressing down on the D-Pad

Step 3: Flee by vehicle (recommended) or foot if you can

Step 4: Go to your nearest safehouse and make sure the pistol is holstered and then save your game any way

Step 5: Load the save and you'll still have the pistol on you

With this tip as soon as you disarm the cop and take his pistol and then quickly holster it, the cops won't shoot you and the heat won't increase and therefore you can get away with a gun in 1 piece.

Tip 2: How to obtain the Enter The Dragon martial arts outfit "Hong Po"

Step 1: Get a few buffs ie combat, health regen

Step 2: Go to a martial arts school it should be like a fight club (not the combat training)

Step 3: Survive all 6 rounds making sure on the last round you get max face

Step 4: Go to your nearest safehouse and the outfit should be in presets.

Hope this helped and I will be posting some more useful tips and tricks soon.

The Hong Po outfit tip you gave is not working at all. Could you clarify please? I'm getting a feeling that this isn't true.

Sorry my bad. I wasn't sure at the time when I posted that what it was actually called. To clarify properly this time, the outfit is called 'Hog Pen Row' and is a reference to Bruce Lee's tournament outfit from the movie 'Enter The Dragon'. To obtain the outfit you have to beat all 6 rounds of the martial arts club in Kennedy Town and then it unlocks in your wardrobe. I'm pretty sure it's the martial arts club in Kennedy Town that you have to beat to unlock this 1 because they're easy to mix up as there are at least 4 reward outfits that you get for completing different martial arts clubs. Here's the ones I know of.

1. Shen Zen: Beat all 6 rounds of the martial arts club in Northpoint
2. Manhattan Melee: Beat all 6 rounds of the martial arts club in Central
3. The Bon Gak: Beat all 6 rounds of the martial arts club in Aberdeen
4. Hog Pen Row: Beat all 6 rounds of the martial arts club in Kennedy Town

Bruce Lee's Game Of Death Yellow Jumpsuit

To wear this outfit you'll need Face 8, to obtain the outfit you'll have to unlock lockbox 6 I believe and this lockbox can be found in the mission where you plant a bug for the 1st time. You parkour to the lockbox and the flash can easily be seen from a distance.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about the locations or the outfits themselves as I'm not 100% sure.

I have simpler solution for obtaining and keeping guns

1. Do what goldenkoi said about beating the crap ouuta cop (get a gun)
2. save the game manually
3. reload your save and you'll spawn with gun in wei's apartment

Found a nice hostaging way , get a taxi and park at a normal road near the pedastrain road , wait awhile a guy or lady will get in , faster drive away and hostage your wayyyy

Another tip to easily get a police pistol and get away without dying.

1. Park a car next to a cop
2. Grab the cop and quickly put him in the trunk
3. Drive off and try to lose the cops by getting away or ramming their cars to lose your heat
4. Drive to your apartment and park close to the apartment entrance
5. Pull the cop out of the trunk and drag him inside your apartment
6. Once he's in, the cops won't be able to get you so then provoke him till he gets his pistol out and then disarm him
7. Kill him/ holster the pistol
8. Save game
9. Load saved game
10. You now have a pistol
11. Enjoy massacring people until you get drilled by SWAT

Make Money- u wanna do some **** fighting on the left corner of the map, there is no betting limit on this one so bet everything u can if u lose just load ur last save data.

Martial Arts Club: North Point

Client: Martial Arts Club
Location: North Point
Reward: HK $15000, Shen Zen Outfit

Martial Arts Club: Central

Client: Martial Arts Club
Location: Central
Reward: HK $30000, Manhattan Melee Outfit

Martial Arts Club: Kennedy Town

Client: Martial Arts Club
Location: Kennedy Town
Reward: HK $60000, Hog Pen Row Outfit

Martial Arts Club: Aberdeen

Client: Martial Arts Club
Location: Aberdeen
Reward: HK $150000, The Bon Gak Outfit

Completing all 4 martial arts clubs earns you the “Martial Law” achievement/trophy.

I thought the north point was just for training - lol didnt actually realise there was a fight club there too. BADOOO

Same here until I accidently entered 1 of them :D they appear as 2 orange fists on your map and 1 martial arts club can be found in each of the 4 districts. Happy *** kicking mate ;)

The fight clubs are too easy, I preordered from amazon but instead of the martial arts dlc I got the stoopid police protection pack. I just read that its endless fights vs the monks - soo jealous of those who have it

They get harder as you level your face. I'm face 10 and I get interrupted in my attacks allot now than before. Also now I have to be faster at countering and have to be extremely cautious of grapplers and the ones that are armed with knives, cleavers and pipes as they attack me more constantly now and 1 slip can easily hand over my ***. I agree the Police Protection Pack was a complete lie and a waste of time and effort to order, I'm wishing now that I also went for the Martial Arts Pack. At least I would have got what was shown in the **** video.

Random Events

In total, there 28 random events in the game, 17 of them being the Drug Busts events, together with 3 Hit and Runs, 4 Junk in The Trunk and 4 Shop events. They will appear on the map as yellow shield icons when you are near them.

Drug Busts:

Go to the locations marked on your map with the blue shield icon. Defeat the thugs, hack the camera, and use the TV in your apartment to identify the dealer and arrest him. The dealer is always the guy in the suit.

note: For locations marked as water access, you'll need a boat, or you can just swim.

Hit and Runs:

Your mate, Charlie will yell at you at the locations, after a thief has stolen money from your gang, just chase down the thief or run him down with your car to end the event.

Located at

Northpoint, left exit of the U-shaped road near the top left Car Dealership.

One in Central Soho, Wang Fu Parking, in between the 2 Drug Busts,

and lastly, the road just above Siu Shan Alley (use the map)

Junk in The Trunk:

Look out for a shaking vehicle, and proceed to pull someone out of the trunk.

Located at

Northpoint, the back alleys near the undercover police HQ.

The wavy road towards Central, above the words Lu Mei alley on the map, look for the lighter coloured area.

Central, In the centre of Victoria'Park.

Aberdeen Island, just above the letter A in the map.


Help out the shop owners with drunks/thieves.

Located at

Northpoint, just south of the first Hit and Run.

Central, below the last letter, T in the Business District, under the inverted U shape.

2 in Kennedy Town. Below the letter S, of the Sun Yat Housing Complex, it is not directly below, it's the next road underneath. And the road near to the entrance of the road towards the Cemetery.

The foods for the Foodie trophy are as follows:
Herbal Tea (Apothecary Stores)
Dragon Kick (Everywhere pretty much)
Noodle Bowl (Night Market)
Roast Duck (Night Market)
Ice Cream (Night Market)
Fish Dumpling Skewer (Night Market)
Chicken on a Stick (Night Market)
Curry Fish Balls (Aberdeen Docks near Massage Parlour)
Spicy Squid (Aberdeen Docks near Massage Parlour)
Pork Bun (If you cant find one of these...)

Where the hell is it?!

If you’re searching for Drug Busts, Security Cameras or Lock Boxes and find that you should be right on top of them according to the map but cannot see them, it’s likely they are actually beneath you. Many of these require the use of a boat. Some map markers will indicate that water access is required, but others will not. Numerous tunnel entrances are accessible only by water and hold Drug Busts, Security Camera’s and Lock Boxes. Because these tunnels run underneath the city from the ocean, the map markers can give the illusion that they are actually above the surface. Lock boxes can also be found along the exterior beaches of Hong Kong.

Crazy driver!

The best way to earn the achievement/trophy for driving perfectly for 2 minutes is to get on the highway and drive AGAINST traffic in the slowest vehicle possible. I recommend a minivan. This may seem insane but it is actually easier to dodge oncoming traffic then it is to weave between cars going in the same direction as you. Especially at night when it becomes a simple game of dodge the headlights.

Chop them cars!

The single best way to earn money in Sleeping Dogs is to call Tran on your cell phone. Collecting cars for his black market chop shop will eventually begin to net you anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000+ per car (usually luxury or sports cars). Be sure not to damage them — as the more damage they take, the less money you will receive for them.

Throw that knife!

Knives and other wield-able items can be thrown. Some enemies may require a strike or two to lower their health but most thrown weapons will result in an instant kill. Completionists should aim to get at least ten thrown weapon kills in order to earn all trophies or achievements. Tire irons can be found in the trunk of most cars and can also be wielded and thrown.


You can glitch a New Game + run on the PS3 (Not sure if this works on the 360).

Enter the social hub and load up the second mission "Night Market Chase". It will want you to go right and talk to the bootleg dvd vendor, instead walk to the left until it says you've walked too far away and then Press X to continue, the screen will go pure black.

Hit the PS button on the controller and choose to quit game (you may want to wait for the save icon first). Restart the game and when you continue your save, all of the side missions and everything will be available to go through again (minus a couple police cases) but you'll keep all your clothes, cars, moves, etc. You don't get max health though.

With the jumping against the wall, we know that Wei can do that kick off of the wall, however with some sort of button mashing with the A button, when Wei has climbed up the wall and then kicked backwards, when I press A a coupel of times, he also does a roll after the kick off of the wall.

Also if nobody has mentioned it yet, when you hold the run button and move the d pad up and down in opposite direction you want to run, Wei does that move like when playing basketball an doing those suicide runs, they used to be so much fun, he will sprint in one direction, place his foot down and push off of it.

If you are having trouble avoiding traffic, use ram ability (x on xbox, square for ps3) to quickly swerve out the way of other cars. You can also use ram to quickly smash large vehicles out the way (trucks, buses etc.) with a smaller speed loss if you didn't ram it. Raming a person will likely kill them, if you prefer to run down evil triads than fight them.

If you don't catch up to Zi Wai in Buried Alive, it will initiate a running chase and run into an ambush of thugs. This works well to get more Triad Score

I found a glitch where i rode a motorcycle hit a truck , went flying hit a building and i was inside it it was see through for me but the cops couldn't get me tho i was trapped in there and had to save game and load it to get back to my apartment.

I once encountered a random glitch which was very, very eerie in feel.

In the game I took a taxi to a busy business district in Central. After I got off, I found that there was absolutely no car on the road. Absolutely. Not even any parked car in any car park area. However there were heaps of pedestrians walking everywhere, as usual. It was a bright midday in the game.

I ran, & I ran, for great distances, to everywhere. Still, absolutely, no, car. If that was a nightmare I would have gone mad & woke up in horror already.

Finally I pull out my 9mm (yes I've one with me at that moment) & started a random street massacre. THANKS GOD, cops arrived in patrol CARS in no time, LOL.

All of the above is really what I encountered in the game.

Not sure if mentioned before but if you want a load of money and want to cheat (I only did this ONCE on my second save to afford the Blast)

Save your game at the Kennedy Town safehouse, then get a fast car and drive to the local Cockfighting Den. Bet 100,000 on any bird (black **** seems to win more for me) (not sure if intentional) and if your **** loses then just reload your save. If he wins, save and repeat if neccessary.

Not recommended for those who like the realistic approach to the game and want to have a realistic amount of cash for what state you are in the game (gangster in North Point, suit wearing big-shot in Aberdeen etc)

This glitch lets you mix and match pre set clothing but I can't seem to do it on the PC STEAM version 1.4 please can anyone help me and if possible Driber could you have a word and see if it could be brought back in a patch?

Also I noticed that you when you bring someone into your apartment whilst grabbing them items will glow red such as the fridge, toilet and sink but sadly we can't use them on the person we have a hold of could this be fixed or is it not intentional to allow the player to kill people using items in his apartment?

Hidden Moves with a pistol!

1) Shoot Kneecaps - Grab and hold anyone. Push L2 to aim. And push X or Square to shoot!
2) Gun Slap and knee break - Draw your weapon, walk up to anyone and push x or square.
3) Double jump kick - Draw your weapon, sprint hold (A or X(ps3)) and push X or Square!

Sorry if this was posted before. But these moves surprised me!

Ok this is not a glitch but it is pretty funny,First go to the undercover police HQ and stand next to officer Teng listen to the conversations see has i heard one where see was talking to her mother and her mother asked if she was a lesbian,and there a bunch of others to but that was th funniest one.

You can have some fun with the Car Valet... call him up when you are already driving a car and he will follow you in his car until you stop - makes for an interesting race. Also, if you get into the car he delivers you before he gets out of the driver's door, he will stay sat in the car with you until you stop driving.

Ok first you will need a gun(pistol) then go to your aberdeen island now there where you apartment is is a guy cutting fish with a cleaver,take it from him and get a vehicle from the parking lot now drive fast and jump out,now see Wei is holding the cleaver as a gun but sadly no bullets come out still looks funny though.

Don't know if it was mentioned but when holding a gun, press on the xbox controller X and A together, Wei does a slow mo badass drop kick.

If you want to improve your fighting skills or you're just blood thirsty, just go back (after you completed the main story) to the industrial complex in Aberdeen, right in front of the floating restaurant, you'll find dozens of thugs waiting to get their butts kicked.

Alright, I decided to do a small write-up on some helpful meleeing tactics for those that might be having a hard time with armed thugs, those who would like some tips against them, or just for general knowledge:

I posted on the GameFAQs forums answering a question on how to deal with armed thugs (aka melee weapon guys).

I might turn this into a more in-depth combat FAQ if I get bored. :p

-Armed Thugs 101-

- Armed thugs are not easy to approach without some upgrades.

- Playing defensively and always watching to counter is your safest bet when taking on armed thugs.

- Distance yourself if you need to. Try not to get surrounded unless you know you can handle it.

- Singling out individual enemies can make things easier.

- If you want to play aggressively, always make sure to counter incoming attacks.

- Countering works on the fly and will cancel out most moves Wei is currently doing in order to counter.

- Most moves cannot be canceled during during the apex of Wei's strike, but can during all other parts of the animation. The jump kick cannot be canceled at all with the counter and neither can the stun/jump kick follow-up strike.

- If you are caught in the middle of these animations by an armed thug, you could take some serious damage.

- If you can manage to get behind an armed thug, grapple them and quickly tap the grapple button again. Instant takedown.

- Never grapple an armed thug from the front unless they're stunned.

- Armed thugs can almost always be disarmed if they're grabbed while stunned.

- The third Face Advantages upgrade will allow you to disarm opponents by simply grappling them while the Face Meter is active.

And of course:

- After defeating an armed thug, be sure to use their weapons against other foes. Weapons have higher priority over almost every kind of move except some grapples and will even interrupt brawlers. They can make quick work of any opponent.


That is, if you get struck. This is a glitch in the game. Usually the weapon bounces off the person and if they successfully land an attack on you, you will die instantly. If you can counter it, you're safe, but it's usually too late.

Best Initial Upgrades to Get

Melee Training Tree

Charge Knee Stun – The Knee Stun combo is an incredibly effective move for almost any situation and can take a lot of pressure off of Wei as the enemies are stunned. Upsides are that it will stun ANYONE that gets in the way of the attack, meaning you can stun a group if they're in your path.

The huge benefit of this move when it comes to armed thugs is that you can disarm them if you grapple them after stunning. You'll typically have this move available far before the Face Advantages upgrade that allows you to disarm enemies when the Face Meter is active.

For this to work on Brawlers, you either need to have the Face Meter activated, counter them and follow up with the knee strike combo, or hit them right after they miss an attack as they will otherwise always block your attacks.

Grapplers are a little tricky, and I still have to figure them out a bit more. Low level grapplers like the ones that can be found in the Kung Fu academy (sweat pants, muscle shirts, cropped fauxhawk haircut) can be stunned, but the higher level “well-dressed” grapplers recover pretty quickly from the knee and do not get stunned at all. However, there have been rare few instances where I have done stun follow-ups. Still working this one out.

Also consider the Stun Strike Follow-Up as it will usually kill all weaker enemies (strikers, armed thugs) in one hit, and can also hit multiple enemies at a time if they are grouped closely.

Triad Tree

Surprise Exchange – Allows you to roll over the backs of your opponents. I think many people underestimate this move, but it's one of the most effective in Wei's skill set and can even be used in place of countering at times because of its high priority. It's very effective for getting out of precarious situations if you're surrounded by the more dangerous enemy types, but its shining attribute is what you can pair it with.

Normally, you'd just follow up by pressing the attack button, and Wei will kick the enemy, making him stumble forward. This can actually hurt other enemies and knock them down.

However, if you instead tap the grapple button twice after rolling over your enemy you'll do a “sneak” takedown that kills enemies instantly.

This works like a charm for armed thugs and can make it a little too easy to mop them up.

This technique will work on almost any type of enemy but will not work on grapplers unless their health is incredibly low. Not advisable.

Make sure you don't accidentally grab the wrong enemy after the surprise exchange! Run directly towards the enemy whose back you rolled over and grab them as quickly as you possibly can so they don't have time to turn around.

If you are being chased by a cop on foot grapple a civilian and put them in the boot of a parked car and keep running. the cop will stop to free the civilian from the boot.

If you are facing a decent amount of thugs with a couple or more armed if you can tackle&disarm pick up the melee weapon and throw it at another armed thug.

If you have a melee weapon and are facing some armed thugs and some no-grapple enemies take the weapons and throw them on the no-grapplers if you can.

Awesome tips, man. I'm really thinking about writing an in depth combat FAQ, and with additional tips like these thrown into the mix, we can have a comprehensive list of approaches and styles to offer to players. :D That's the beauty of this game, how much freedom you have to handle a situation however you want it, be it in a firefight, or with more evasive and cunning tactics like throwing someone in a trunk while you're being tailed!

I was fooling around with the Cop Jobs yesterday and discovered a neat little glitch (if you would call it that).

To ensure that you don't get police on you once you attempt to access a police vehicle at a PD, here's what you do:

1) First, start the "Cop Jobs" by entering the highlighted marker.
2) Once you are put in the van/truck, park the truck facing the way that Wei Shen will exit (right side) so that when he exits, he'll exit on the side that the police vehicle you want to steal is on.
3) When you exit the vehicle, RUN LIKE CRAZY to the police vehicle of your choice and BREAK INTO IT! You will have at least 3-5 seconds before you are forced out of the mission (since you are warned you'll exit the mission by leaving the mission vehicle)
4) Once inside the police vehicle of your choice STAY IN IT!!! Seriously, don't move a muscle once you are in it!
5) When you are forced out of the "Cop Jobs", you will be teleported back to the PD. Go back over to the VEHICLE YOU BROKE INTO and you will be able to drive away with it without the alarm going off or without the police chasing after you.

**NOTE** If you are lucky, sometimes after exiting the "Cop Jobs", the North Point PD will be empty and you can just steal a vehicle from the parking lot. However, at other times, there will be TONS of cops or the previous two cops that were there will return. This is why I suggest using this trick.

The Assault Rifle works just how you described it in your "tip" using the Rico Outfit. It is tied to the outfit so when you try to use it without the outfit, it won't appear. It regularly spawns in your safehouses though ONLY when you are wearing the Tactical Soldier Outfit. I'm only suggesting you try your "tip" with the Tactical Soldier Outfit because then you would be able to utilize an Assault Rifle instead of a pistol (more firepower).

So I finally broke down and got the Tactical Soldier pack the other day... I was having a bunch of fun as it was spawning not only with the outfit but also in certain apartments so I was going around with the drunken fist (also got that pack) outfit armed to the teeth, lol. It was also possible to use the Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher with Rico's outfit + gun which seemed like a whole lot of firepower until I realized they shared ammo (at least shells) making the shells go quickly plus it didn't help that I had to be extremely careful switching between the two... if I put down/dropped the assault rifle and was too close to it I would automatically pick up the ammo from it for Rico's gun and rifle would be gone. Anyhow, all that fun seemed to end last night anyway as I can no longer seem to get the gun to spawn outside of it spawning in my hands when I'm wearing the TS outfit. :( From searching the boards I see that weapons we're supposed to be spawning in the apts. anymore but some like me seemed to have a glitch where it would sometimes spawn anyway. Was fun while it lasted. Given that I have to choose now I still favor Rico's gun over the assault rifle.

Anyway, simple tip from all this (though probably common knowledge), when leaving the apartment with the Tactical Soldier AR, make sure you're filled up on ammo by throwing it down on the ground near the threshold of the apartment (throw it outside after crossing the threshold but while the doors are still open) then go back over the threshold inside (a new gun will appear in your hands), head out again immediately going over the first gun and you should be full up on ammo. Also top off your ammo with Rico's gun or the gold .50 cal by leaving/returning but for those you don't need to throw anything on the floor, hehe.

^^Yeah; what you explained about "the weapon only being available while attached to the outfit" is a well-known fact. Here's the history behind it.

Originally, you were able to go to the original spawn point of the weapon and select it; this changed once UFG started releasing more and more weapon packs, which began to "break away" from the outfits and were readily available OUTSIDE the outfits. This caused UFG to release a patch (Ghost Pig I believe) whih now forces you to wear the outfit the weapon is attached too, otherwise the weapon won't appear in your apartment. However, if you are lucky, the glitch may still work but it won't happen as frequently as it used to.

Sorry that your "fun came to and end" but at least you proved that my suggestion of subsitituting the AR with R'sG in your original tip worked.

I would hold on to the TS Pack though, because, when the UPP or the CNY Pack drops finally, three outfits will be iven handcuff abilities:

1) Super SWAT Outfit (PPP)
2) Tactical Soldier Outfit (TS Pack)
*3) Detective Shen (game completion outfit; not sure about DU Pack outdit though)

*Credit to Hurricane for telling us this during the "multiple updates" to SD for Steam version.

^^I actually witnessed this last night briefly; while observing whether my handcuffs ability had disappeared or not, I noticed a glowing gun on the kitchen counter of my North Point apartment. Luckily for me, it was my TS Pack Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher. I will also confirm that I did not see the presence of the Golden .50 cal handgun you receive from The Ghost Pig Pack, so I'm guessing that that gun is attached to the Pack and is harder to "glitch" than the Assualt Rifle from TS Pack.

I will also confirm, Bert, that I still do have my handcuffing ability. I'm going to take a guess and say that the "Monkey King DLC" is the culprit, as another user on here stated that "there was a 200 and something MB update via PC or PS3"; therefore, I believe this is how "UFG were able to do that, the sneaky buggers".

Quick tip for the day:

Drop by the hospital in Central, during the mission "Intensive Care" really being the best time for this, and look for the bags of blood in containers/shelves that line the walls of the 1st floor hallway... shooting them adds a nice splash of color to the otherwise dreary place. ;)

Apologies if this has been pointed out before but I've played the mission countless times and I only just noticed this pretty cool detail myself.

Tip for locating Drug Dealers:

You need to go to a place where pedestrians spawn from more than one direction (ex: Bam Bam Club; peds spawn from the alleyway toward the club and on the street heading towads the club). The drug deals are like "random encounters" (if you don't know what these are, look up Red Dead Redemption) and at one point, two peds will meet up. One will say "What you got for me?" and an exchange will occur; before the exchnage ends you will hear something like this "All I got is $50". And the two "suspects" will walk away, one will pretend to put the drugs/money in his pocket.

Equip preset outfit that has the weapon you like.
Drive to a clothes store and change/buy an item.
Leave, unholster your weapon and voila. DLC weapons with 'standard' clothing.

You can perform a dim mak counter while holding an assault rifle, wei will animate and the gun will pass through the target then on the final punch of the counter the gun will point upwards towards the sky.

^^You can also shove enemies with "X" (Square for PS3 I believe) while holding a weapon. I think it will take away one bar of health.

Got ambushed one time, tried to pull out my gun and was surrounded. This trick saved my life. Hopefully, it will save yours once too.

there is another fire station in central, behind the central police station, you will see 2 firemen standing out side but if you hit the fire station garage doors you can set the fire engine car alarm off and you see the headlights flashing. so maybe there is 2 fire engines hiding behind the fire station garage doors

This may have already been known but I've noticed, while playing with the LE Pack and wearing SWAT-related outfits, food vendors will refuse to sell food to you. This happened while I was wearing the SWAT Tactical Outfit from LE Pack and tried to order pork buns from the pork bun guy. While in a vehicle, the vendor had the "white bubble" above his head. When I got out and approached him, the "bubble" went away and I couldn't purchase any pork buns

Here is the first video in a sleeping dogs walkthrough series in HD
... e=youtu.be
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Nice! Where did you source this (copy/paste?) from? May want to link them back for credit. :)