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sleepy mobo

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New Member
Jan 3, 2001
In my eager attempts to cool my system I took everything out of the case, drilled a hole in the top and put in a new fan. I then put everything back in, plugged in the power cord and watched to see my new fan spin. It didn't spin. In fact nothing spins or does anything. The only thing that happens is the led on the mobo lights up (so there is some kind of power!!) If you have any ideas as to what may be wrong please reply!!

my specs:
approved300 watt ps
asus a7v
tbird 800@800
128mb gen. pc133
barracuda 2 h.d.
radeon 64 vivo
it's a short if nothing powers on. Make sure the posts are in the case and that you don't have any metal touching them or loose screws on the mb. Make sure yr power supply is fully plugged into the mb too.

It's definitely gotta be a short - it's a bit of a pain, but putting washers on both sides of the mobo's screws might help, as would taking EVERYTHING out the case and vacuuming it thoroughly, and blowing any dust of the components. Could be some metal dust got somewhere it shouldn't when you cut the hole - I assume you took everything out before cutting ;-) Take out all screws holding the pci cards in as well - one of them was shorting the mobo out when I first installed my A7v. Just have patience, you'll find the short.
A short would quite likely blow the fuse in your power supply, and then your little green LED on your mobo would no work at all. But I still agree with the above posts, check everything again, and pull it all out, and put it all back in, that might fix it.
Also, have you got your mobo power switch on the correct pins on your mobo? That would stop everything from working if the switch was connected to the wrong pins.
Also might try clearing the cmos. I have an msi k7t pro and it hoses the cmos if you do a shutdown but is fine if you do a restart and let it restart before turning it off