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Slk-800 with heatpipes among other new heatsink pictures

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It way that w/ the heatpipe hs there is no need for a fan.

Quiet at last!!! :)
probably would still need a duct or such over the heatsink and use the psu~exhaust fans for airflow though. But yeah, when they get the bugs worked out of the design it should perform noticably better than the plain slk-800.
I think maxima88 wasn't talking about the heat-pipe SLK-800, but the passive cooling heatpipe one. You could cool a via C3 with that thing, but not much else. I hope to see a better SLK-800 like tat one sometime. Looks cool!
"the problem is that it works well only in horizontal position - not when it's mounted in a tower case."

So SLK-800 with heatpipes would need some redesigning, not to mention heat pipes don't seem to do anything really.
That is true with that prototype, the low pressure "heat pipes" that are used in cheap heatsinks~less than 100 dollar heatsinks etc. The heat pipes setups couldnt pump up with hardly 1 G of force to deal with. Decent, professional level heat pipes can deal with over 10 g's of gravity and perform much better. I think that is what they may be waiting for, and to be able to get it cheap enough also. The heat pipe slk800 was a prototype so it was sort of rough....not all shiny and such. And yes you still would need airflow over any heatsink~large copper plate thing etc, just hopfully less cfm~more effecient and less noise to get good enough results. Convection on some stuff could be feasible if effecient~large enough etc. But even that needs airflow, as otherwise it would still cook, just slowly.