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Slot 1 P3 Voltage probs

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New Member
Apr 9, 2002
I've just been given a P3 733 cpu complete with a convertor card to enable its use on a Slot 1 mobo. I know for a fact that this cpu/convertor combo is in good health and worked fine on the last machine it was installed in. But I can't get it to run on mine.

My mobo has a Slot 1 P3 550mhz running at 100 fsb. But further investigation reveals that it also runs at 2.05volts as it was originally fitted with a P2 350 with"Katmai" core. I believe the 733 has a "coppermine" core and needs 1.65 volts to run properly. The convertor card comes with jumpers for selecting 66/100/133fsb speeds but NOT the voltage.

My bios is also selectable at 66/100/133 speeds. I have 133mhz ram fitted. Do I just need to get a convertor card with selectable voltages? The card I have now is "anonymous" and has little info on it except a list for the Mhz jumper settings. I have read that the Abit Slotket item is the thing I need. Is that right?

Thanks in advance for any help.
you need to find out if your board supports the voltage and multiplyer for your celeron. check in your bios for voltage and multiplyer options. if you have your manual check that, or if not check the guides on this site or the links on how to determine your motherboard.

if your cpu/slotket worked on previous machine, the slotket should work fine.