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Slot A Athlon

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New Member
Feb 27, 2001
I never dared to overclock my 600K7. It's running on a (Slot A) AOPEN AK72 MB, with 256 133MHz SDRAM, G400 Matrox video, under WinME
Is it likely to give me a reasonable gain without serious risks of a funeral for my CPU?
What settings ?

Thanks for any suggestions.

This is how we do it...

Hi Stefano,

What you can do to OC your athlon, is 1. Increase your FSB and 2.Get a GFD to change your multiplyer.
The first method is very easy, just go to your bios and start upping the FSB. To help increase stability increase the voltage a little bit, depending on your temps. Your standard voltage is 1.6V, you can start with pumping it up to 1.7, assuming your temps are ok. Don't let athlons run above 50°C and use thermal grease! In the best cases you will get to about 115FSB, but 110 is average, so you will get to about 660MHz. Not very exciting, but a nice start.

In order to change multiplyer, you need to add a gold finger device to your athlons debut port, which is hidden under your CPU's cover. Many how-to's on the net on how to remove the cover and were to get a GFD. This requires some money (if you buy the GFD and don't make it yourself), but will yield much better results, about 200MHz increase, no guarantees.

Remember always to take care of good cooling, it's the heat that kills CPU's, not the voltage!

Here are some links to get you going, succes in OC'ing!