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Slot1 Cooler ?

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Well I use a slot 1 Alhpa cooler, Just 2 60mm 27cfm fans. NO DELTA'S for me! I havent really done any modifications at all. Only thing I have done is mount a Peltier on it. Keeps my chip running cool!

But the water pump and radiator are on there way as we speak! (Cant wait!)
I have a water block I took from work about 8 months ago incase I ever decided to go to water cooling. The block is a little over 3.5/8" tall, 2.5" wide, and 3\4" thick. The tunneling in the block is basically a double T pattern (TT). And is 1\2" wide! Should cool pretty good I would think. I had to drill and tap holes as well as find some clamps to attach it to the cpu. I still have to lap it yet to get a nice smooth finish. I'll do that this week.
That sounds like the same Alpha I have, which is their P3125 model. Works extremely well, too. I highly recommend it if you are running a Slot 1 P///.

Mr B
Yep, Thats the same moddel Alhpa I have. I've been running it for around a year and a half now. It's a great cooler!