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Slot1 Water Cooling?

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Mar 13, 2001
In the barrel!
Ok guys, looking to cool / quiet down this PIII-700 I've got. I'm on the fence whether to order an Alpha P312S kit with the YS Tech fans or go for the water cooling route. Is anyone out there water cooling a slot1? If so what are your setups? What water jacket are you using? Which pump, radiator etc. From what I've been reading here on the board so far, is that the DD rad and Enheim pumps are the call. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I have no idea if you can or cannot water cool a slot1 processor. But really I don't think you would want to waste your money on one. You say you have a Vantec HSF, get rid of it. Get either a GlobalWIN VOS32 or an Alpha P3125, both are very good HSF's and can help your reduce your heat a lot. I have a spare Vantec P3D-5030 and when I used that it performed ok, but, at Idle I was at about 35c and with my VOS32 i was at about 25-26c.

I just don't think you would even need water cooling.

Also, the Alpha P3125 is about $10-20 more than the VOS32 and they both are about equal in performance, go check reviews yourself. The VOS32 is the best performance for your money. In fact in some reviews they show that the VOS32 was actually better.

Well, thats it!!!
Yeah, not real happy with the Vantec at all. I've been eyeing the Alpha for a bit know, just thought of going w/c to reduce noise. Swiftech used to make the most righteous slot1 w/c set up, but when I call to inquire, the guy says that they've "discontinued making that product Sir." Bummer. Oh well, more contemplation while I wait for anyone else's thoughts...........
heheheh, looks like you're in the same boat I'm in! Just manged to get the cel 400 I was "borrowing" from my Bro for the two sticks of 128 pc 100 mem he owes me. just wondering how far I can take it, and what is reasonable to take it to. I've been eyeing my old beer fridge for soooo long now...