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Small Amd board.

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Dec 28, 2001
Toronto, Canada
I would like to build a second comp, for doing homework and school stuff, on my main rig i get too distracted, when I am supposed to be doing homework im either chatting browsing the forums, playing games, working in photoshop or just watching the protiens fold any excuse but to do homework hehe.

I would like to build something really small and compact that i would bring places if I need to work on something, I am aiming for something in this size range:


I know thats one of those via itx boxes, but I dont really want a via processor, ive heard they are quite slow and will want to run xp or 2kpro on it.

Any suggestions of what amd motherboards and cases I could use, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to this micro motherboard and case stuff.
I like the sounds of sound of buying an abit, Id like to stick to a good name motherboard if possible. I would rather not run intergrated video but if I can find a decent board with decent intergrated video that wouldnt be too bad. I heard someone say a company called shuttle had small boards but I dunno much about that company.

Any ideas about small cases? Im looking around newegg cause they got a ton of stuff but I dont think they ship to canada :/

Will probably go for something like a 1700+, 30 gb hd, radeon 7500, or gf4 mx 400. 256 mb of ddr to start until ram prices go down, or take the 256 ddr out of my moms pc and put in 192 sd in the sd ram slots hehe she wont know, plus i paid for that 256 bout out of my kindness gave it to her.
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Are there any amd based barebones shuttle systems that dont have onboard graphics? If not I can go for the intel based one, I saw a review on hot hardware, but I am unsure where to buy this stuff online, direction dosnt sell that model.


thats the link to the intel one, something like that buy amd based would be great.

Canadian vendors would be prefered.

If anyone cant help me out, it would be appretiated.
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