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Small comparison of water cooling efficiency between rigs

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Voodoo Rufus

Powder Junkie Moderator
Sep 20, 2001
Bakersfield, CA
Short comparison of my main rig vs ITX rig running Heaven this morning, both with water cooled CPU and GPU.

Main rig - 360mm single row top mount and 280mm double row front mount radiators.
22C ambient, 34C water
400W total load
1950MHz (3080Ti)

Ncase rig - single 240mm thin side exhaust radiator
24C ambient, unknown water temp
320W total load
1980MHz (2080Ti)
60C GPU, 54C with covers off
Smells hot also.

A quick thermal efficiency calc:
Main rig: (50C - 22C)/400W = .07 degC/W
ITX rig, lids on: (60C-24)/320W = .1125 degC/W
ITX rig, lids off: .09375 degC/W

Comparatively, the main rig is venting much cooler air with the extra radiators. The ITX rig is blowing some seriously warm air and the radiator is warm to the touch. It just feels like it's about maxed out without running higher speed fans. All of the 120s are Gentle Typhoon 1150rpm models at full speed. The 280mm rad fans are loafing along at 600rpm since the water temps stayed so "low". The Ncase M1 does not have ideal airflow by any subjective measure, either.

I think it does go to show how well even a little radiator works with a fairly hefty load. Still, I don't think ITX is great for this amount of heat. Throttling it down to maintain 50C on the GPU might make for a much happier cooling loop.

Update: power limit tweaking on the ITX box:

70% power limit:
250W total load (210W GPU)
Panels off: 50C GPU, 1860-1875MHz
Panels on: 56C GPU, 1815-1830MHz

50% power limit:
200W total load (150W GPU)
Panels off: 45C GPU, 1620-1635MHz
Panels on: 49C GPU, 1620-1635MHz

Seems pretty happy around the 70% power limit range for clocks and temps. 8.3% lower clocks for 4C temperature improvement and 70W less power.
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which gpu is in the ITX box? i went from 240ish watts on the gpu 3070 to around 190ish max, never over 200watts. all i did was set the gpu speed in MSI AF.