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Small Dilemma!

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Oct 10, 2002
Dallas, TX
I've just phoned my local PC World (UK) and they have a C1 stepping 2.4B in stock (If you live in the UK, you're probably as surprised about that as me!!), I've reserved it but don't have to have it.

Only problem is, I have found somewhere that will sell me a B0 stepping 2.4b, pre-tested and guaranteed to hit 3GHz.

There's not much difference in price (about £10), which one would you guys go for??

I've seen a lot of really good reports on the C1s (this chip has code SL6EF), and am very tempted by the idea of getting it tonight rather than waiting until next week.

What do you all think?

Go for the C1 - a 2.4 B0 may have problems hitting 3g on air, a lot of people who are on these forums have watercooling and peltiers and hence they are getting such good overclocks. IMHO its luck of the draw with the 2.4 B0.
Im more surprised about PC World being helpful and checking the S-code for u! Well done and good luck, let us know how you get on!
The thing with the B0 is that I've found a mail-order shop who will pre-test a batch of hand-picked 2.4B B0 chips and sell me one that is guaranteed to hit 3GHz!!

Still the C1???
PS - This is quite urgent as I need to go and get the C1 chip in the next hour or so if I'm going to get it.

I'd go for the C1, unless the other vendor can verify that his 2.4 B0 @3 ghz is in fact completely prime 95 stable. Also if you buy it and it is not truly 3.0 stable, you had the option of returning it for a full refund.
Cheers Guys.

I've got the C1. Here's the details -

Prod. Code - BX80532PE2400DSL6EF
MM # - 849114
FPO/Batch # - 3235A261
Version # - C10670-001
Pack Date - 10/04/2002
Made in Costa Rica

I assume the pack date is in the US format, ie it was packed 4th October rather than 10th April??

I've installed it in my new system and I'm now off to see if it a) posts, b) works ok, c) will overclock!!!

I'll start a new thread in this forum with results.

Thanks again