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small GF4 vs FX5900 comparison

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Jul 12, 2002
I ran a few benchmarks on the PNY/Asus FX5900 in comparison to my normal card (an Abit GF4-Ti4400 @ 300/650MHz). These tests where conducted on my sig machine, which I will sumarize since this post will outlive the configuration:

Asus P4PE 845pe chipset mb, v1006.001 bios
SL6LA P4-1.8a cpu clocked to 3240MHz
180fsb, 4:5 memory ratio->450MHz 2-2-2-5 turbo
SB Live Value, Win2k, DX9a, 44.03 drivers
Sparkle 350W power supply

I just ran a few tests, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what a FX5900 (128MB, non-pro) brings to the table in comparison with a Ti4600. The 5900 was run at default clock rates (300/850MHz), and also overclocked to 440/940MHz. I suspect the core has more in it, but the delta between 300 and 440MHz is small enough to make it apparant that going say another 20MHz isn't going to matter much.

The tests consist of 3DMark2001SE run at the default setting and also at 1600x1200 w/4X AA. 3DMark2003 was run at the default setting. Both 2K1 and 2K3 where run with default D3D options including "best image quality" with fog table emulation enabled. I also ran some Quake3, with HQ detail setting with the resolution increased from the HQ default of 800x600 to 1024x768, 1600x1200, and also at 1600x1200 w/4X AA, 8X AF, and texture sharpening enabled. Here are the results:

-----------------------GF4Ti---------5900---------5900 OC'ed

3DM2K1 def.----------14,908--------17,227----------17,373
16x12 4X AA-----------2,784---------7464------------7835

3DM2K3 def.-----------1908----------5502------------5638

Q3 HQ 1024x788--------333fps-------355.8-------------356
Q3 HQ 1600x1200-------215.5--------283.6-------------290
Q3 16x12 4x/8X/TS------60.6--------111.5--------------175

As stated these results where generated on my bargain-basement single channel P4 configuration. I will re-run the 5900 on a P4P800 865pe board with a 2.8c on Monday to examine the impact of the the minor core performance improvement it brings as compared to the older 845pe class of equipment.