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small leak holes that you can't see?

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Jun 15, 2001
Hey everybody, I dunno if people remember me from a couple months ago, I kind of had a water cooling disaster so I took it out for awhile.. but i'm about to go to a LAN party so I guess i better get my lazy butt to work >_< haha... just gotta get some ketchup to clean it up =P

Well as I put my water cooled stuff to the side, I didn't disconnect it or anything because it was just bled perfectly but I fear that now there are actually little holes that are letting air in.. but not acutally letting the water out. while it's been sitting there my brother has actually stepped on it a coupel of times.. thing have fallen on the tubes (tygon) and the tygon has even morphed weirdly. Since then the bleed line has dropped about 2 inches also, and the pump isn't even on =/

so in short, how do I check for little leaks that are too small to see? I searched for a bit but couldnt' seem to find the exact answer. Thanks

on a side note, ways to fix?
Don't worry about it.

My fill tube would loose between 2 and 8 inches a month depending on how well I duct taped the thimble in the line.

Just refil it, leave it running for a day if you're skiddish.
Top it off, check the mounting to make sure it's still good (actually, it'd be best to remount with some fresh thermal paste) and check the level every day for awhile.

You'll find everyone here deals with air getting in the system. You won't find *ANY* perfect system that dosen't loose water and gain air at some rate. It's just a normal thing.

A filling every couple weeks is just routine mant.