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Small project, need some help please :)

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New Member
Nov 11, 2002
Hi all

Not sure where to start so please stick with me. About a week ago me and a m8 decided to build a pc console, which would be a pc which you could hook upto your telly , have 4 usbs ports for gamepads and play only games(mame, zsnes, dwi, pc games) I had loads of spare hardware lying around doing nothing so we decided to do it, but i was missing somthing the case :( all pc cases seem to be big and upright and look nothing like a console. Then we had an idea about putting the components in a plastic games worksop carry case because the motherboard fitted perfectly and the rest followed. Below is some pics of where we are currently at with the project, the work is no means professional, tidy looking, its just a bit of fun we are doing it.





Ok please don't laugh too much at the above pics, here are the specs:

Athlon K7 550mhz
NMC 7VAX Motherboard
256mb 100 Sdram
20gig slim maxtor hdd
3d Prophet kyro 64mb graphics tv out
150watt miniatx psu

This is where i really need the people on this forum's help. I only have a few ideas for cooling and non of it is done in the pics yet, I plan to have 2 extractor fans, 2 small case fans and loads of vents to make sure i cool this thing as much as possible. But is putting a pc in plastic case a good idea? will it overheat catch fire and just die? has anyone got any ideas on how to keep it cool?

Any help and suggestions would be great. Thanks for reading my long post.

p.s the big long cut at the top of the case is because the graphics card is slighty too big for the case, lol.

Thanks again



Oct 27, 2002
two main things you will need to cool is the CPU heatsink and the power supply. I would make a duct that would fit around the top of the heat sink and have a decent 80mm fan connect to that so it can bring air directly from outside cooling your system down and CPU down. I would also put a 92mm over the power supply. Or cut the power supply so it 92mm fan fits so it can directly blow over the capacitors, electrical stuff, etc.


May 5, 2002
Exactly, That looks like a good idea. But your Cpu and other components will roast in that Hard Plastic. Get some good Col Airflow in there and your might just have yourself a successful Project !


Gloriously Lead, Overclockix Chief Architect
Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
yeah, i would definitely add some fans blowing in from the top onto the processor and maybe one for the components. just get a nice stealth fan and maybe find a cool grill to put on it. love the project though :) i love projects like this because they look like so much fun just to try because isn't something that isn't done all the time... after installing stuff in a normal case all the time, it gives you some sort of relief to work on something new... i am actually trying my hand at working some on mac platforms... my school has a bunch of mac labs and i figured that it wouldn't hurt to learn... i just miss the second mouse button for stuff... :)