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Small Vapochill LS problem..take note owners...

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Jul 31, 2003
Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Lake Tahoe
Hey all, been a while since I last dropped by, after the motorcycle accident and all, Ive been recovering and working 70 hour work weeks, so I didnt have time to play with my computers :( ......

Ive finnally finished modding my mach I and mach II setups, and theve been handling the regassed ..well.. gas... quiet well for the last 5 months. So my focus went more towards my Vapochill LS setup.

I had turned it on and was playing some Desert combat, killing Iraq soldiers, (kinda like Id like to pop Michael Moore) but thats a whole 'nother topic..anyways, after about 6 hours of intense dorito/diet pepsi gaming. I looked over and seen the oddest thing. A few beads of water forming on the outside of the lexan window, right where the LS capillary tube barely touched the window. I couldnt figure out why it was doing it atm, since the contact was very minimal...but seeing ANY form of water near my baby was not cool. I shut the unit down and took off the side panel and noticed that the capillary tubes natural position was portruding more than the case size was allowing it too. So after measuring once and cutting twice, err I mean measuring twice and cutting once..yah.. I solved the problem , and lowered the load temp by a few degrees and oddly lowering my entire case temp by 8 degrees, pretty impressive, Ill go into this more in a sec. I didnt like the way the edges came out on the cut lexan , so I went to Pep Boys and picked up chrome door protection lining strips for 6 bucks and slapped them on the edge of the area I had cut..looks awesome, although I need to cut one side of the window more still, it looks great.



thats what it looks like now, notice the capillary tube portruding outside the case somewhat.

k.. now I had *thought* that by cutting the holes in the side, I would lose aerodynamics from the front case fans. This however did not happen as the case temps lowered quiet a bit.. being the inquisitive type I wanted to know why. Then I saw something that caught my attention, the Vapochill LS unit has holes on the side of it as well. So I contacted Asetek asking why they did this and how does it affect performance. I got a reply after a freekin week... anyways...

Basically due to the way air moves from the fans, (the asetek company did not go in depth explaining this really) it actually cools it signifigantly better, and that there company had put the holes there after doing much research and development on the most effieicient way to cool the Vapochill LS. So basically its aerodynamics, and a more better movement of air. ...

Well Im a guy that likes to test things, so I grabbed some tracing paper and held it up to the side of my case where the front "triangle" hole is cut, and whatyda know, it is held up by the suction from the front two fans. :)

moral of the story is, condensation= bad
small lian li case+vapochill-any type of mod=bad
small lian li case+vapochill+window mod to allow natural curvature=very good



Dec 11, 2003
glad to hear from ya, i have seen the same thing on my mach one where it touches the window. i dont have anything inside the case though because the airflow evaporates it. you must have had some bad airflow going on inside the case to get a drop like that. have you ever tried just taking the side panel off? i get about a 6 or 7C drop when i take off the door and put a fan on it.