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Smokin&#39...exhaust temperatures on air cooled systems.

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New Member
Jan 8, 2001
I need some data...exhaust air temperatures for convectively (fans only) cooled systems.
If you already have this for any system please post it. If you have a spare therm sensor just stick it right outside where your fan exhausts. If you do post, include your fan size and or flow rate (ie 80mm, 30CFM) and what kind of system you are running on (power supply power, # of 72000 rpm drives, video card, CPU, overclock rate if any).
If you have more then one fan exhausting I need both (just one doesn't help).

My thesis is due Friday so any help, the sooner the better, will be greatly appreciated. Look for my thesis to be posted in the coming weeks.

I don't have the equipment to provide data, but there is one variable you didn't mention -- room temperature. For me there a big difference in CPU temp when my room is at 15C compared to 22C.
I have two rear fans
60mm 22cfm @ 28.4C
80 mm 30cfm on psu@ 30.8C

1 front fan 36cfm intake
cpu 1ghz @ 1233 temp 44C
system temp 27C
room temp16C

wd 20gig 7200 hd
GEforce 2 GTS
mid size tower
rc5 running

I set every thing up and let run for 1 hour then took temps (two sensors) every 15 minutes 4 times and then averaged

good luck on that paper