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SNDS- Frostbite or just burnout?

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Im not too clear on the exact causes of SNDS. Is it just from the overvolting that was so common, or just from phase-change/TEC cooling, or both? I'm thinking of some extreme cooling, but Im not going to overvolt past 1.65, a "safe" voltage. Would I still be at risk with the use of below-5C (the temp. in an Intel PDF) cooling?


Nov 13, 2001
Overvolting causes electrons to stray from their designated traces, damaging nearby transistors. Supercooling causes the silicon to shrink, though other materials in the CPU don't shrink at the same speed, causing it to damage the insides. Many people work fine with Vapochills and the like, though.


Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
i think SNDS is almost 100% due to voltage, and the lack of RESPECT people have for it lately
People are running 1.85V+ through the CPU's
That is over 20% more voltage that stock, AKA just asking for your CPU to die.

10% is the MAX safe amount to raise your voltage by (with ok cooling)
15% if you dont mind a little risk
20%+ if you dont care if your CPU dies. VERY GOOD COOLING is a MUST.

But no, people all too often push 1.85V through a Northwood with stock ccooling and wonder why the CPU is dying.


I had always thought it was voltage, but it was hard to tell, because those supercooling people always seemed to have a high voltage, so I couldn't separate the two as potential causes. Thanks for the confirmation :)