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So high temps can make windows crash? is this true?

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May 25, 2001
yeah im getting some thermal grease soon(most of you guys prollly wouldnt even thnk about running your comps without it but im stuck for a little bit without it) but yeah im running at 112 degrees farenheit and i am experiencing my monitor blacking out randomly. is this definitly due to temperature?heres my stats...
550mhz amd k62 cpu
geforce visiontek mx200 64mb
and 20 gb hard drive

i have a hard drive cooler that sucks in air under my cd rom and a fan sucking in air near the bottom front case. also got one of those cyclones that fit into an empty pci slot, and one fan right behind my cpu cooler.so what i want to know if my temps drop will my pc stop crashing?
thanks all
Get some thermal compound on that thing. Until you do, use a thin layer of petroleum jelly, dialectric grease, even Crisco! They're better than nothing!

Note: Do not use Kramp Easy Lube ;D

you really should have something in there, it will help out a lot, I like this list Hoot has, will have to remember it for emergencies.
To answer your question: Yes heat can cause windows lockups and crashed. Then again...so can so many other things, HAHA!

To agree with the others: Thermal grease is a must, so get it as soon as possible.

Heat is definitely a possibility. I'd look at a good heatsink fan combo and some artic silver before adding a ton of fans to the system.

Another possibility is a power supply. If it is a low watt (200 - 230W) unit then it's possible you're overdrawing on the unit. I've had friends with this problem.

Finally, I had a PS unit that the fan went out in one time. I didn't even realize it and my computer started crashing. I looked all over trying to figure out what it was and by happenstance I put my hand on the top of the computer over the PS unit and noticed it was quite warm. Looking a little closer I noticed the fan had siezed and was no longer drawing out the hot air. I opened up the PS unit (BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU DO THIS as capacitors can hold charge for a while) and replaced the fan. Never had another problem.

Just some ideas. Good luck.
Hey man go to radio shack.... they have Thermal Compund for cheep and use it untill you get some good stuff... or use the list given above... please put something on that cpu!!!!
I definitely agree with the other posts about needing thermal grease... but 112 F is only like 45 C, right? Is that 112 F under load... or idle? If that is idle, what are load temps? I have seen plenty of AMD posts with temps in the 50s C and no such problems. Maybe only the newer AMD processors can run that hot and yours can't... not sure on that one.

I guess what I'm saying is if your chip runs as hot as current AMD chips, then although grease would definitely be a good thing... maybe this particular problem lies somewhere else, like maybe the PS as suggested, or maybe overheating Vcard, or a loose monitor cable? Is it possible that the monitor display is screwing up but windows is still running fine.. or are you sure the entire system is crashing? Just a thought. :)

Also, did this just start recently or has it been happening since you put it together? Do you monitor case temps or temps near the video card chip?
You can also use some zinc oxide from Wal-Mart (the stuff you see lifeguards wearing under their eyes). It's the main ingredient from some Radio Shack compund that I had used once, and much cheaper...
windows Me crashes every hour so I would guess that Microsoft programs that into their 0S. ;) never heard of using Crisco! you should always have something in between chip and hsf!