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So I've got one for you all

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New Member
Dec 2, 2018
Hello everyone, I'm Alex aka uNiTy, New to the forums, thank you for having me. Have a bit of an odd one for you so bare with me in reading this long story.

Specs for New Build:
Processor: AMD FX Vishera 8350 8-core OC 4.5ghz
MOBO: Gigabyte 970A
RAM: Mushkin Stealth 16GB x2
GPU: Asus HD 7770

About two weeks ago I came home to my PC completely shutdown, I didn't do that, I always leave my PC on. Went to the tower, tried powering it on, nothing. Ripped the entire thing down even disassembled the MOBO. Ran my normal diagnostic/visual check on every piece of equipment and it was all good except the PSU. Took the PSU apart, coil for the 100V was completely fried. So I ordered the works, brand new EVGA PSU, got a new FX 8350, new RAM, etc. Kept my MOBO because it's still a good board, kept the GPU because it's still decent. My thing was getting my PC up and running again for business reasons/gaming. So when everything came I hooked it all back up properly, re-ran the wiring to make it look nice and pretty, everything was golden. Here's where it gets weird. Hooked my HDMI cable into the GPU and into my Monitor (PS: I do not have integrated graphics) heard the HDD *Beep*, all systems go. Sat down, stared at the monitor *NO SIGNAL*. Hmm...I said okay, maybe it's installing the default drivers for the GPU, no problem I'll just wait. And wait I did...for 5 minutes until I got inpatient. I unplugged the HDMI, blew a little duster in the port, and the cable just for good measure, plugged it back in and nothing. So I only assumed that the drivers didn't install correctly so I'll have to do this manually. I took the HDMI out, and plugged in my DVI to VGA cable and into my monitor. Everything was good, had a signal, proceeded to re-install windows, Flash the bios, OC, etc.

After I was all done doing all the nitty-gritty stuff I unplugged the DVI/VGA cable, then plugged back in my HDMI to see if everything was good. Still *No Signal*. Now I know what some of you are thinking, it's your monitor, or your cable. Well the thing is, the TV is reading that there's something plugged into it, otherwise you wouldn't even be able to select that input. Maybe its the cable? Wrong, tried 3 different HDMI cables that I had laying around and still nothing. I even switched to my other TV just to check it wasn't my TV after-all it is a few years old. Switched the connection to my newer TV, and still I got *NO SIGNAL....." WTF.....

So then I sat there for a little while to double check all my work on the entire build, I disconnected the entire GPU from the MOBO, checked the capacitors, disconnected the fans, etc. Hooked everything back in but used the DVI/VGA instead while keeping the HDMI Plugged in. Got a signal with the DVI/VGA and still nothing with the HDMI.

I messed around with the Radeon settings, the default windows Graphics settings, I tried the "Detect" option, I literally uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the GPU about a dozen times and still I get nothing with that HDMI. Here's my thinking, if it was the TV it wouldn't give me the option to choose the HDMI input, I used 2 different TV's, it's not the cables, it's not my PC, the only thing it could be is my GPU but the thing is, if my GPU was fried, I would have no picture at all and it wouldn't run properly. I've ran benchmarks on it, I test ran MULTIPLE games, I ran a diagnostics check on it, I checked all the damn drivers and still I get (You guessed it) *NO....SIGNAL*

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I feel like this is rare. If someone has experienced this could you tell me how I could possibly fix it? Do you guys think it could be JUST the HDMI input on the GPU? I know I need to upgrade my graphics card, that's a given, I'm going to do that, but the thing is I'd like to keep it for another build so I'd like to fix it somehow.

I do apologize for such a long story, but I thought some of you would find it interesting and intriguing. Thank you for your time!
That would be my bet but the HDMI I have experience experience with is my TV... I do know I have had other type of ports go out on GPU's the one I can't think of off the top of my head is a GTX 740 that lost it's DVI. Test the cable on something else maybe it's just a bad cable.
Like I said, I checked with multiple cables and multiple TV's it's definitely not the wires or the TV's, has something to do with the GPU. Thanks anyway.
Like I said, I checked with multiple cables and multiple TV's it's definitely not the wires or the TV's, has something to do with the GPU. Thanks anyway.

Soory I'm benching and that's a lot of reading to do between runs and what have you.