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So my 2 1/2 year old daughter decided to rip out my displayport cable......

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Nov 10, 2014
My monitor totally stopped working suddenly when she walked behind my desk and she came back laughing......

I looked and discovered the DP cable ripped from the back of my card and I was in utter shock seeing the little metal retainer still stuck in the card.

Luckily it didn't damage the card however but I was wondering is there any danger in me using this DP cable without the retaining clips? Because all it does is just plug in the back like a good ole HDMI
I would only use it the way it is if there was no other option. The metal part is to hold it firm in the port, and if it wiggles in the wrong way, there is a possibility of a short and burning out the port. How likely is that to happen? I couldn't really say, but I do know that I probably wouldn't risk gpu port or monitor with the possibility of a short
Well that sounds awesome
Well like i said, Im just being cautious. It could work perfectly well with 0 problems. I guess thats not a whole lot of help though. The closest Ive ever had to something like that was with USB, but the shell on a USB drive is just that : a shell. It works perfectly find with its cover ripped off. You can even bend the contacts back into place with a tiny screwdriver if it fits loosely.... Still not helpful i guess. Let us know? :)