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So new to the Forums :D

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New Member
Jan 17, 2010
First of all i would like to say hi to everyone here in overclockers.com :D and Hope my stay would be very pleasant :)

Now some stuff about me...:
I'm a second year college I.T student and is willing to learn everything about PC and its Hardware.
I live in Philippines and its a very small country. Even though internet cafe's can be found in every block, people dont really, i mean dont have any interest on learning about computer parts and how does it match up with different components, as for them, as long as it is works and you can access the internet its fine for them! But me I'm different. I want to build and buy my own dream PC and rely on my own information, intelligence, research and experience. But before I get there I must learn from the basics to the complicated in here; from you guys!. Because in what i've seen this is the only forum that have all things covered.

But seriously though, I came here for clarification and i would appreciate if someone could help me on this. Well in our class we have just went to the part of our Lesson where we are going to tackle about computer parts. our teacher taught us about single core, hyper thread, dual core. he also explained to us about the difference between AMD dual core and Intel dual platforms; he did a very simple to understand sketch about it and it helped.

But i need extended information, it could quite help if someone could explain or give a link.

Aside from which... this is quite bothering me for a long time now... its about AMD and Intel processors? What are there general differences? is Intel for gaming or AMD is for video editing? Something like that...

Thanks Guys :D
~ No_On3
mY vERY fIST pOST :clap: