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So So Sad

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Hugo 59

Senior Member
Feb 28, 2001
Linwood, NC
Ordered a 1.33 last week. Got it Today. They sent me a 1.13. I'm pissed. Anyone ever RMA anything to econopc. Hope they don't give me a hard time over this as all I want is my 1.33.
Always check up on any etailer's reputation at http://www.resellerratings.com before you send them one cent. Hopefully, this etailer will be good about sending you the right CPU. They'll probably want the 1.13 Gig back, before they send you the 1.33. If they're an outstanding outfit, they'll cross ship.
I talked to them today and they gave me an RMA. I have to ship it back to them and they are going to send me the 1.33 for the same price. They tell me that I ordered a 1.13 (at least in there records) but they are not chargeing my anything (other than the fact that I have to ship it back to them). They charged me $235 for the 1.13 with 1 year warrenty. I recall ordering the 1.33 for $239 with a twenty day warrenty.

I did look at thier ratings on resellerratings.com and they only had a 3.8. but the price was so much lower than anybody elses (at the time) that I looked at the customer comments and there really were Quit a few good ones so I convinced my self to do it.

I just hope it doesn't take them forever to send the new one. They were very accomidating when I talked to them on the phone.
email sharky's so they take them off the lowest price list for cpu's that way others won't have problems with this company.

Thanks for the heads up.