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so what happened to the Jamescon thread?

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All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
just looking around on the games forum, and i searched for it..it appears it has been deleted...i read one of the posts by a mod that advertising is illegal...but i have a question...what was he selling, the LAN is free, food isnt provided, we wont be charging anything to play there.

One of the Mods moved it to "Deleted Threads", but I am not sure who. After reading it, I would have to say that those things need to be run by the staff first before posting. Also, the language could have been a little more polite. "F-word contests" and calling people "Asshat" really belong on a different forum.

oh, i didnt notice that part, but ive been here for quite a while now, and if anything like that is in a post, a mod will just delete that part...but anyway, it said that no advertising is allowed..im just wondering what the admin thought was advertising