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So what kind of monitor do you use?

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Feb 5, 2001
Well, I'm going to invest in a 19" monitor this weekend and I was wondering what you guys would recommend/ not recommend.

I've read that Sony and sony tube based monitors are the best hands down. I know that viewsonics use the sony trinitron technology but I'm not sure about other companies.

I definitely want a flat screen 19" and am willing to pay 300-400 USD.

i have a Sony E400 Flat screen 19" Trinitron, and its great !!
go for Sony or illama.
if you love nice pictures display on the screen? CAN' GO WRONG WITH SONY MONITOR :) :) :)

I feel that the trinitron tube with aperature grill is the mostest. Bright colours and sharp detail sum up the best features of this monitor. If you have lots of coin get the real deal, Sony. If you have 300 or 400 dollars get the flat screen, trinitron tube by Viewsonic, Samsung or NEC.

I just bought a 3 year old HP 20" Trinitron monitor with the two fine horizontal lines top and bottom. Earlier I had an Artmedia 17" trinitron which I loved, sold that and shelled out $360 cdn for the HP at a computer show out near the Toronto airport. Thats about $275 for you guys south of the border. Now the ag lines are more noticeable on your screen at higher resolutions but I like 1024x768 best, my 3D prophet II mx board can easily max out the monitor. The only problem with the thing is maximum refresh is 75hz at that resolution. I can't be picky considering what I paid for it though.
KDS has a line of monitors that use a flat sony trinitron tube. They refer to them as their Avitron series. You might want to check them out. I have the 17inch version (AV-7TF) and I'm satisfied with it. For the price it isn't a bad monitor. There is a 19 inch version as well, and I believe also a 21inch version.

Anyway, I too prefer an aperture grille monitor. The color is much brighter. You'll notice the difference immediately. For most people once they've had an aperture grille monitor they never want to go back.
The only downside is there are 2 very small very faint darker lines that run across the screen. Unless you really look hard on a white background you won't normally notice them. However, I have heard that some people find this annoying. My advice is to first go to a local computer store, like maybe Best Buy, and take a look at an aperture Grille monitor on display. This will give you an idea of how they look.
Every time i see someone ask about monitors im more then happy to help. I have an hp 21" tinitron tube, and its amazing. You can bet your buck that any monitor using a sony trinitron is a good one. Go with a trinitron, dell uses them ibm uses them and some others. Here is a link below for great deals on monitors. Dont be afraid to buy a refurbished, mine is and its been rock solid for over a year now.


P3 1 GIG
256 MB RAM 150 MHZ CAS2
About 2 years ago (right after tax time) I bought a 20" Sony Trinitron GMD 20se2T from egghead.com in their clearance section. It was "Factory Refurbished". It cost $199 + $65s&h. When it got here it came in a great big huge box with pleanty of custom cut foam to protect it on it's journey here. It also had a piece of wax paper covering the screen. When I peeled off the wax paper there was a thick layer of some kind of grease or silicone. I tried windex then 409 and finally an engine degreaser sprayed onto a rag (not directly on the screen) to get it off.

With the exception of 2 very faint horizontal lines (ussually only visible with white background), this is the best looking picture tube.

and guess what?

I just check and egghead has one similar for $225 + $65s&h. It is an OEM for sun and is model # GMD 20se2. I have no idea what the missing T stands for but if it is anywhere near the same monitor that I have I highly recomend it.
I have a Sony Trinitron 210GS 17" monitor, and the quality of the picture is simply amazing. I used to have a CRT monitor, but the difference between CRT and Trinitron is unbelievable. If i were you i would invest a little bit more money and go with the Sony brand name, they're unbeateable.
Well I ended up getting the Sony HMD-A400 19" monitor. After looking at all the monitors in the store I decided on the Sony. The picture looked incredible and I am not at all disappointed. It cost a little bit more than the others but worth it imo.
Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions.