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so, who's expecting severe problems for..

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Funny to think about, but companies other than nVidia have a big enough chunk of the market that nVidia would be hurting itself to allow problems to occur. To cause them would be more than hurting, it would be killing themselves. Then they'd have some anti-trust suits or something in no time.

Someone mentioned this on another forum, but there were joking on how it would be funny if there was a GSOD, or a Green Screen of Death due to incompatibility with a Radeon Video Card :D
Well, considering how the AIW part of my AIW Radeon 8500DV doesn't work in my nForce1 board, and mostly works on any of the other boards I've got, I'd say there's a clash between nVidia drivers and ATI drivers. Funny how I have never gotten a response from ATI support regarding this issue....

But I think a Radeon 9700 Pro would probably work fine on an nForce2, as it's only the AIW part that doesn't work on mine.
Gee, ATI products don't work w/ nVidia products. That wouldnt've been engineered now, would it have? :rolleyes:

Actually, I think it's partially (if not wholly) ATI's fault. Aparantly, their first revision 9700 cards don't like AGP8x at all.