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So, with 2 HT enabled 3.06 cpus in an MP system

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Goo Kenson

Sep 17, 2002
Ok, so has anyone done something like this?

A system with 2 cpus. Both HT 3.06. That would be 6.12 ghz.

2 physical cpus, which means 4 logical cpus because of the HT. Anyone done this, and if no, someone better!
As far as I know there are no multi-processor capable Pentium 4 boards in existence. The only MP capable solution from Intel on the same architecture is the Xeon line and those aren't at 3.06 yet.
You can't do that because P4's can't run in a MP configuration.

You need Xeons. If you have Xeons, yes it does work; a few of the SETI guys have used it to run four intances of SETI at the same time.
See Goo, the thing about it is, that the AXPs ARE MPs, just not certified. The P4s are architecturally different. But hey, we can all dream, right? :)