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Soarking Charging Dock Question

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Aug 29, 2008
Anyone use the Soarking Charger for Logitech G-series mice? I just got this to go along with my G502 Lightspeed. When I plug in directly to the micro USB, the DPI indicator LEDs light up while charging. However, when I place it on the dock, the lights don't come on. The dock itself has its own LED light which glows red when my mouse is docked. Whether I have the mouse turned on or off, the DPI LEDs stay dark. I'm just wondering if this is normal behaviour.

I tried looking it up but haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. I even checked out several YouTube reviews as well but all of the ones using a G502 had their RGB effects on so I can't tell. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate some insight. Cheers!
My understanding of this dock is it will not activate the charging lights on the mouse. This is because of how Logitech has set up its charging mat logic.
The charging mats are designed to keep a mouse battery floating at approx 70-80%, as this is best on the battery, and it also shouldn't light up the DPI lights as that could be confusing when using the mouse on said charging mat.

I say all of this because the dock you bought charges the mouse via the charging mat logic, not via the USB plug logic.