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socket 7!!! How to see status of GA-5AX internal tag RAM and RAS Precharge Time

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New Member
Feb 11, 2020

...and be patient :)

I don't think this alone will improve performance much because in my opinion the most time consuming step is read and write from and to the L2 data store and not from and to the L2 address tag.
As soon as I am finished with optimisation, I will make a benchmark run even if I don't attach much importance to this. :rolleyes:

However, before I do this I also like to try changing some other settings of the northbridge. For that purpose, it would be helpful to have a screenshot of the Asus P5A Rev. 1.04 and Rev. 1.06 settings as shown by WPCRedit 1.4 like I did it above.
So, if anyone here owns that board in one of these revisions, please take time for this shoot. :)

Closest I have is P5A-B 1.04


Jan 28, 2019
Sorry for being absent for such a long time.
I think I don't need anymore screenshots. The chipset part of the BIOS patch is finished. So far I changed the following register offsets of my GA-5AX Aladdin V Board:
OffsetBitOld valueNew valueEffect
41001External TAG RAM disabled
40601Internal TAG RAM enabled
48001SDRAM Trc=7T (8T before) and
SDRAM Tras=4T (5T before)
49101SDRAM Internal Page detection enabled
49301SDRAM Enhanced Page Mode enabled
86310LINEAR_WORD-Merge for Frame Buffer Cycle disabled
43101Fast NAJ asserted in single write cycle enabled
48301SDRAM [email protected] (4T before)
C9601AGP Control Register II: Output delay control of AD_STB[1:0] : Default-1nsec=2,5nsec

The following offsets were changed with modbin:
OffsetBitOld valueNew valueEffect
72601Separate setting for Trcd and CL enabled
72701Trcd=2T select when bit6 = 1 enable
These last two changes have no effect on RAM timings at all. They are just of cosmetic nature ;)

Windows 98SE boots stable with all these modifications. More tests and benchmarks are still to be done. However, I don't think that I have the passion to evaluate the effect of each single modification on benchmark results separately.

Sadly, I havn't got any GeForce 3 graphics card I can join your contest with. However, yesterday and today I reconstructed my old inf-file mod (I lost the original modded file :-/) and figured out how to get another graphics card working on my board at least with the original BIOS F4 (modded BIOS not yet tested). Windows 98SE boots stable up to now and DirectX diagnostics didn't find any problems.

So long!
Stay excited! Maybe in some month I can show you some results ;)