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Socket A cooler?

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Dec 17, 2000
I'm new to the AMD world... what's a good hsf for an ASUS A7V with a Duron 600? Does the Pep66 fit?
I have a thompson tornado for my thunderbird. it works well. Although i gonna put a Coolitron coolerover it sometime.
Im using a ThermalTake Super Orb, it's a bit noisy but it kepps my 900Athlon at 44 celcius.


yes the pep66 will fit on the asus if im not mistaken. I have a pep 66 on my Duron 1ghz and its keeps it around 34c
Thanks, everyone. I have a Pep66 hanging around and hoped I could use it.

Cullen: I can't decide between the Abit KT7 or Asus A7V (haven't purchased yet), but that's a different thread!
I am also new to OC'ing and am interested in the Abit KT7. I have a Duron650 and just bought the Pep66 do to recommendations but I hear that the pep has to be modified to fit on the Abit.

Does the Pep need another PS or would 250W work? Also..any case recommendations?

All information will be helpful.

Sounds like you are in the same boat I am.

Id stay away from the 250 watt PS for Athlon systems, they like alot of power and can very quickly suck the PS dry. Personally I like my Global Win FOP38 cooler, its loud as all get out, but after a while you start getting used to it...it sorta blends in with the hard disks and case fans now, lol.