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Socket info for new AMD FX

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New Member
Sep 15, 2011
I was reading the recent news about the AMD FX (8-core) processor - especially about Team AMD-FX and how they broke the Guiness World Record for CPU speed. Does anyone know if AMD has released info on the cpu socket that the new FX processor will use? I have a AMD Phenom II x6 1055T, which uses the AM3 cpu socket. I'm wondering whether I should plan to buy a new motherboard as well as the FX processor when it hits the market, or if I can just buy the processor and replace my 1055T with it? Thanks for the help.

David Watson


Premium Member
Aug 16, 2009
The FX _Bulldozer) will use the AM3+ socket. Some motherboard manufacturers are supporting Bulldozer on some older boards with the AM3 socket through a BIOS update like Asus is with thier CROSSHAIRIV Extream. Cheack with your manufacturer to see if they will support it.


Jun 19, 2011
I don't see the bios update making the board accept the Bulldozer core. The bulldozer core is supposed to use one extra pin when compared to the AM3, which has a bit of plastic over that.

So unless the core will work under the careful modification of that one pin(IE, you just rip that SOB out) it wouldn't fit.


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2010
Manassas, VA
AMD has said that AM3+ is backwards compatible with AM3.

The boards are already out, read up. :). 990FX would be the chipset.