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Socket upgrade, anyone saw this?

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I took a moment to look at the installation video. I 'appears' you COULD install any socket 478 processor. I think they make a 533mHz FSB Prescott. My only warning might be that the motherboards for the socket 423 may not handle the power draw required by the Prescott. But the adapter itself appears to have a removable processor. Dont know if I would spend the money to find out(perhaps frying a board too). MAYBE, someone has that adapter and could tell us more about it.

Yeppers, Thats what Im thinking too Cap. And I dont have the cash either to burn off. Im actually looking into water cooling but the wealth of information about it is mind boggling.
Anyone dared to try a Prescott in that PL adapter??

i've known about it for some time.... i figured that it was common knowledge to all of you which is why i didn't bring it up! A friend of mine owns one... he has a 1.8a connected to it... i don't have access to a prescott nor do i want to pay him for screwing his comp...

Ummmm, No.

That looks like the cost of almost a new motherboard, and none of the added performance. If I were going to upgrade, and buy a fast, new processor, I would not be able to stick it into an old motherboard with none of the latest chipset advantages, to save $25.00.

Thats just me...
Heck my main man, I would probably just save up the ole pennies for a new motherboard. In the long run it would make more fiscal sense. But hey whatever floats your boat. If you have some sort of emotional attachment to your old mobo get this nice product.
dont try it with any prescott and if u must use a slow celeron d and watch the voltage in the bios carefuly and then watch it under load and keep ur hand on the power switch prescots have overloaded 2 0f my power suplys
well it says specifically for willamette and northwood core chips. I'm guessign this has been out for a year at the very least. Why would u upgrade a socket 423 chip thats old tech. Other than RD ram there is no reason to use that socket wahtsoever.
yeah, all the powerleap products are very expensive, the ones really worth using are the FCPGA2/S370 adaptor and the FCPGA2/Slot 2 adaptors, unless you just want the kudos of having the fastest S432 system in the world. But then 'overdrive' type products have generally sucked as far as all round performance goes.