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Solved the GE256 Lockup :)

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Jan 5, 2001
Finally got rid of the annoying lockups I was suffering with my system. Now I am not an electrician, not even sure thats the correct spelling, but I do enough about computers to get me in trouble. I was glancing through my motherboard monitor when I noticed the I/O (system card) voltage seemed a little high, even with my system way overclocked. Checked the bios and it was set at 3.8 so I dropped it back down to 3.5. Have yet to see a lockup and its been running some high end graphical torture tests. So guys and gals yes you may need to bump up the voltage to allow overclocking, but too much is just as bad. Maybe this is old news but to those who are suffering random lockups give it a check out..........
3.8? holy F***!!!
waht do you have in your PCI slots, and your ram?? they MAY flake VERY soon!!
and it hought 3.65 was high...
jesus, 3.5 is the lowest??jesus.....
the standard is 3.3.... wow, i'm still in shock
How long did u run it? i suggest getting another stick of RAM for when that one falkes out in a month or two..
The standard allows for a 10% deviation, so 3.66 is okay. I've to keep mine at 3.7 (shows 3.77), dunno why. It was happy at 3.6 couple of weeks ago... BTW, I ran it at 3.9 for couple of weeks, when I was experimenting. Nothing bad happened, the DIMMs just got somewhat warmer than usual.
Yeah I have crucial's sdram pc133 so i am not too worried about the memory. I have seen others on here who push thier systems far beyond mine with the help of TEC's and such. Been saving my pennies for when AMD finally catches back up to Intell so I can build me a new toy heheheh