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Some games crashing, others not

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So... the only thing you haven't replaced is the motherboard, right? Anything that fits 5900X is what you'd be looking for before you say F it and upgrade? I'll send you a known good board to borrow and test with. Otherwise, LMK about X670/B650 or Intel stuffz, lol.

Also, this is without that soundcard, right? Just the board, RAM, one storage drive, gpu, yeah?

Good one.. I don't know...

I can play FC6 fine (intel)...benchmarking with it on 7950x and X670/B650/W11 stuff for months now..

Hey Joe, Yeah no extra stuff. Just the bare essentials. So I nuked the game drive (2nd Nvme) and installed the TeamGroup SSD (480gb). I also nuked the OS and did a fresh install with all the new goodies. Gonna try Wildlands first and report back.

You know me, I make crap bigger than they actually are. I take this as a learning experience. Will let you know about the board, thx ;)
Ok here's the gritty:

Removed 5800X and install 5900X. Cleared cmos via battery. Everything running stock. I did set memory speed/timings manually. Did not use XMP.
Removed both Nvme drives ( Crucial P5 Plus 500gb + a WD Black SN850 500gb). Before removal I did a secure erase/wipe on both.
Install new WD Black SN850 500gb top Nvme slot. Install 2nd SN850 in bottom Nvme slot. Install winders+updates+drivers.
Install Steam on 2nd SN850 to test games.

TC Wildlands ran for 3 minutes before locking up. Longest streak since crashing started. No crash, just a soft lock. I was able to ctrl/alt/del out of it and right to desktop.
FarCry5 still crashes. FarCry5 Addon (Vietnam) also continues to crash

FarCry6 finally played normal without issues ( yay!!)
TC Breakpoint plays fine

Sniper Elite 4 & 5 play fine. No issues

I re-raided my OS drive with the two WD Black SN850's. I reconnected all my spinner drives. I'll start tweaking this 5900X so that'll be fun.

I might swap boards, but I've already come to the realization that the problem games have expired. I already nuked those games. My other newer games play fine so I'm happy.
I love my new upgrades tho. Maybe I'll try again with those games, but it ain't gonna be anytime soon :ROFLMAO:

Thanks for all the suggestions guyz!
That probably doesnt apply , tho i recently did a bios flash with my 5900x system.
Before flashing i saved the config profile to usb and after flashing i loaded the config back in from the usb.
Quite quickly i was getting bsod and freezing issues. Loaded defaults and manually reentered config. Stable since.

Just saying.
Oh every time I do a bios flash, I clear the bios. I load everything back manually from memory I've done it so much, lol.
Sorry for the late idea, just skimmed the thread, you may have done this. Have you tried W10 instead of W11?
Sorry for the late idea, just skimmed the thread, you may have done this. Have you tried W10 instead of W11?
me or Nebulous? i ask because it's Nebulous's thread. and his* sig mentions Win 10. with your skimming you may have accidentally gotten confused with *my* Win 11 rig.
(personally, i don't care if some games don't work, because i switch between games at liesure a lot. sure, it's frustrating, but as long as my rig plays the main one (GW2) then i'm not going to wrack my brain trying to fix it for everything)

*disclaimer, i'm using "his" as it was used for many years, as a singular pronoun with male gender default when actual gender is unknown. i intend no disrespect to actual gender nor preferred pronoun, as said actual gender / preferred pronoun is unknown by me