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Some help plz ?

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New Member
May 8, 2003
BC canada
Hi all,
From the currents posts i'm way behind. I currenty have an EpoX 8KHA volt modded motherboard and a AMD XP1600 1.4ghz cpu with 512megs pc2700 ddr. I've tried to unlock the cpu but while i was cleaning up the bridges i scrathed into the copper grounding out the L1 bridges so that didn't work. My system runs stable at 145mhz fsb i've had it up to 160mhz but its not stable. I'm not sure what the limits of this board is and i was hoping someone out their had a similar setup and might be able to help. I'm looking at buying a new cpu. What cpu would be a good recommendation. my mobo's multiplier max's out at 15. So i was thinkin some like a 2200+ which uses 13.5. I'm assuming that cpu is unlocked. Would i have to flash the bios etc..what are the pci divider settings etc... any help would be greatly appricated.



Nov 6, 2002
I am back using a 8KHA+ after killing my 8RDA+ last night...using a 1700 Tbred...the Tbred is unlocked using the latest BIOS 12.5 and below...but I still have a problem when going over 185FSB...either the HD or VC can not handle the 87Mhz. The 8KHA/KHA+ only has a divider of 4/1, so it doesn't offically support 333Mhz CPU's....but you can get one to run on those boards...when running at 166FSB the AGP/PCI Mhz will be at 84Mhz, so you will be limited on your OC...and also check your voltage...even having the volt mod on this board, it still tends to undervolt by .25-.5 v's...