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Some jack *** just earned 5 billion. Don't encourage him.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Yes. It was me. I just earned 5 billion. Not sure how. My network has melted down on me. Working on a plan to redo it in other threads.
patrick has earned 300 million.
Madhatter256 just earned 80 million.

I had noticed earlier in the week we had another well known name earn a milestone and I was looking forward to posting it but now I don't see it nor do I recall who it was. So... It was you. You earned another great milestone and we are proud of you. Don't look around to the left and right. We're talking about you yourself. Thank you and congrats.

Too bad we don't get a dollar a point. I'd take a penny per point. Alas, we take nothing but earn everything.

We are chasing 3 teams and no teams are chasing us. WOOT! We were #1 for a long time, lets work our way closer to that. Lets get our team spots back boys! I mean #10 is great and all but #9 is better. More better.

Top 16 all earning 1 million ppd or better.
Top 7 all earning 10 million ppd or better.
Top 3 earning 20 million ppd or better.
Top 2 are earning 30 million ppd or better with.. wait.. what? HayesK got his #1 spot back from WhitehawkEQ. Well WhiteHawk, it was a good run while it lasted. Great job guys.

COVID has finally hit my household but we are fairing well. Stay well yourselves and fold on!
Don, you dropped back off my threat list. Hope you're able to figure out your network issues and COVID is mild for all.
I don't know what in the h e double hockey sticks is going on. I moved two patch cables this weekend and everything is back up. I don't even have a good explination for it to be working.

COVID came and went. My wife was home from work but because she's in charge, she was working from home. My bosses thought it best if I work from home most of last week too. I'm back in the office wearing a mask for my co-workers who are stuck in a small room with me.

I started to boot up my pfsense machine but I can't get a picture from it. Got to figure that out however...

... I'm rebuilding my Mom's lawn tractor because she has a lot of rough lawn and doesn't get the tractor repaired or looked after very much. Unfortunately, the trailer that I have to haul her tractor is just a tad too small and the parts I need to remove are refusing to be removed. I have her tractor on the trailer but Imma gonna need to take it off and put it back on so that I can take it off again when I'm done repairing the tractor.

I should be coming back up in production and.... I have a NIB 3080 still in the shipping box unopened. I think that I'll have to take out the 1080 for good. Then we'll see how I do.