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Some monitoring questions

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Mar 8, 2002
and I don't mean like your screen.

I've seen a couple of pics of mods on this board that show a calculator type display that seems to be cut into a 5.25 bay cover that shows temperature. I'd like to know where to get this little device.

Also, this is probably a stupid question but is it nessesary to put a filter on all intakes or just ones with fans or is it just un-nessesary if you go in every once and again and blow every thing out of there with a can of compressed air?


On a string I was held Senior
Jul 11, 2001
i live
are you talking about this and i find that in my room i have to have filters on every intake fan. If not, i would have to clean my system every two weeks. Yeah, it is dusty in my room and plus i think it is just attracted to my computer.


Mar 8, 2002
not that expensive thing

no. i'm talking about this


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Nov 29, 2001
The temperature monitor with display is a DigiDoc 5, there's also one called CompuNurse. You can search for them using Google.com to get the best price.

As for filtering, you can add filters to all your intake fans and not have to dust the computer out, or you can go without filters, and dust it out every couple of months.
Canned air works good for this. I personally just use a 1" paint brush (dry, new) made for house painting.

For homemade filters, you can buy filter material from a hardware store, but I use my wife's old pantyhose stretched over the fan and trimmed off after mounting it. This does not effect the airflow like some filters do, but does not stop the smallest particles from getting in.

Have fun, and Welcome to the forums!

*edit* NASsoccer beat me with a link to the DigiDoc, good price too.