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Some overclocking advice?

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Nov 27, 2005
Could I expect to get to 2.225GHz on this rig with no change in voltage?

-DFI UT nF4 Ultra-D
-Opteron 165 (9x250MHz)
-G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2x1GB) DDR500
-eVGA 7800GT
-500w Fortron Blue Storm

I think when I upgrade my ram (which may be a couple months after building my new pc, so overclocking might have to wait) I want to go with ddr500 ram so I can set the fsb to 250 which, with a 9x multiplier, will get me to 2.225GHz with the ram running at it's recommended speed.

I mentioned the video card because I don't know how that factors into overclocking. I know changing the fsb affects the other components, but not how it specifically affects the gpu. I would think there wouldn't be any problems but I wanted to make sure.

I don't want to do any insane overclocking, but getting the opty clocked higher than a 3800+ would make it worth the extra price for the l2 cache even though the stock speed is slower imo.


Oct 30, 2004
Madison, WI
Most new boards have a pci/agp lock so that oc'ing the cpu does not affect the other components. As far as that oc goes, you can almost definately get to that on that chip, probably higher.