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Some Questions about my case

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Jul 20, 2001
Vancouver, Beautiful B.C. Canada
I have a CWT 420W PSU which is equivalent to the Antec 400W PSU. I find the power supply quite noisy when the fan kicks into high gear because of the thermal control sensor. I love the PSU because of the adjustable pots.

If I change the PSU fan to a 30cfm fan and bypass the thermal sensor, would I end up damaging my PSU because of the increased heat?

I have an In-Win Q500 case modified with a 120mm Pabst fan in the front. I find my case noisy and I'm thinking of replacing it, the case seems to be vibrating too much.

What is more quieter, aluminum or steel cases?
Can you guys recommend me some 21" cases that includes a window thats quiet.



Bypassing the sensor makes the circuit think that it's hot, but opening the sensor would cause the fan to run more slowly. Can you wire a pot in series with the sensor? I don't know what size would be right, but maybe 500-2000 ohms would.
well more heat isnt good in the world we live in. but i did the same thing(switched the fan out) and it might reduce the life of the psu abit, but i believe everything should be fine, as long as your case temp is decent.
Yeah, I'm thinking of bypassing the thermal control and putting in a 25-30 cfm case fan in the PSU, if it dies because of heat then I'll get a Vantec Stealth PSU, been hearing nothing but good things about them.

For my case, I want to get this case here:


What do you guys think of this case?
I can get the case without the PSU for about $140cdn

Probably will paint the DVD, floppy and CDRW blue or silver, depending on which color case I get.