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Some Quick Peltier/ water questions

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
Ok. I am set on the Danger den Setup. I am going to get the maze2-1 block that can support a pletier. Now i have an athlon running at 1.6ghz so i am 99% percent sure that i need a 156 watt pelt to cool this thing. Is this correct? Also i know i need some stuff to seal and protect my cpu and motherboard from condensation. What do i need and whats the procedure. I know that the pelt will lower my cpu temps big time but what will this do to the water( i will be using a DD cube with 2 120mm fans to cool). I have a enermax 430 watt power supply but im almost certain i will need another one for the pelt. Which one and where? Sorry for all of questions but i just dont like jumping into something so big without knowing what im doing.
Depending on the vcore, you CPU is probably putting out between 82 and 95 watts. This would call for a 172 watt pelt, a 156 may be marginal. A 156 watt pelt will add about 10C to your water temp. I use an Astron amateur radio PSU but you can also find surplus switching PSUs for less money. MPJA often has them. Go here to download a program to help you size the pelt.
I can Not find which one will work. Could you tell me whats the cheapest power supply that will power the 156 watt pelt.