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Some reasons to buy BF 1942 ;p

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Ummm.. before anyone (and myself) waste our time downloading those files, some descriptions would be extreamly helpful.
I guess you will just have to take the leap of faith ;(

LOL, its movies from Battlefield 1942. First three are some nice stunts, last is a nice movie of general gameplay, somewhat scripted though.
lol, you will still like the movies. The last one especially, they tried to make a real movie, kinda cool :p
nbrigade is a trip, they do stunts etc. guess they have nothing better to do... but it is fun to watch
Err I have no idea ;( All i know is that its not 'Du Hast'

btw did anyone watch the last vid, the hero ?
Re: Re: Some reasons to buy BF 1942 ;p

rb26dett said:

what is this stuff ??
3 of them are videos of bf1942 stunts with planes an vehicles. The hero one (bottom) is a vidoe of one guy kicking a whole armys ***.
Those are awsome. I couldn't stop laughing.

I have always wanted to get a group of people to do that bomber thing.

How did they make those jeeps fly so far?

My favorite thing was when they launched themselfs into the air and entered a plane that was mid-air.

I can do a barrel roll where halfway through I jump out and get back in my plain.
Sigh..This happens to alot of movies i download. IT says my quiktime cannot play this one. I have all the updates and it says it cant find the files needed from the update server. its usually .avi movies. dont know the format on this. I downloaded the first one
LOL, you should change your avatar to apple=bad :p
bro, just use windows media player to view the movies, if it still doesnt work then you might want to install divx5 codec, or Nimo Codec Pack

DivX5: http://www.divx.com/divx/
Nimo Codec Pack: http://www.btinternet.com/~nimosiro/

To make quicktime open any other format than .mov you prolly need to install 7 terrabytes in updates. Not to mention pay for ultra, pro, extreme, ultimate, phat, uber.. etc version of quicktime.
Hmm apple=bad? I have a pc =p. My media player doesnt play them either. But also i never update it. Ill try those downloads you linked