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Some unrealistic demands on a case ><

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Mar 13, 2008
I need a tower, a massive massive tower. Why? It needs to hold a water cooling setup (dual GPU, possibly later on NB) and, here comes the part where I ask myself why I would ever think this, a phase changer.

From what I've heard, the unit it something along the lines of 8.5" wide, 16" long and 10" tall.

Question one, is it even worth trying to fit this thing in a case, or is that a pipe dream?

second, slightly off topic, but do phases generally generate much ambient heat, or is it all directed in some sort of radiator which I could mod the case to work with? (Yes, I realize I'm an idiot for not knowing this ;_;)

Worst comes to worst I'd probably get a midtower and build some sort of case underneath it myself, basically a plate to sit the phase changer on, four strusses at each of the corners (L or square brackets probably) and then just use some thin aluminum to cover it up. Anyone have any experience in this?
Depending on how much $$ you want to spend and the actual size of the phase cooler will determine what you can go with. The Rocketfish full tower case from BB is very popular and CHEAP. There's a thread here, on the case. If you look at post #21, you'll see a phase unit installed in the bottom. You could easily fit a 220 or 320 rad. in the top of the case as well. With the case priced at ~$80, your limits are your imagination.