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Somehow this should be higher

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Jan 5, 2001
Got my Aeolus ti4200s today, went tweak crazy (Power Strip) and got it stable at 300 core clock and a 600 memory clock with no visible distortions. But seeing how I am running it an AMD thunderchicken at 1ghz with 256mb of pc133 on a kt133 abit motherboard running windows 98se we see the limitations. Even so after Mad Onions 3DMark2001 SE test I was bummed to say the least when it only ran a score of 5100. According to the comparison charts thats less than a ge3 of a comparable system. I did use Det Cleaner and grabed the latest Det Drivers but I know theres something out there I am proably missing. So any hints tips or advice be it bios tricks or perhaps a lower det driver meant for windows 98se would be highly welcome at this point!!
aeolus ti4200 rocks!! :) .. i'm also using one. as far as I can see, you should be getting higher score .. hmm .. bios settings, make sure your agp slot support 4X, then set it at 4X in Bios (our cards support 4x .. woohoo :) ), then aperture grill memory set at 128Mb, leave the rest at auto (that's what i have on my msi kt3 ultra).
Since you are using the same card with a similar system what Drivers are you using? Perhaps the latest Det drivers are not the best for this system. I guess I need to clean out Windows 98se also, I will use a 10gig 7200rpm drive I have sitting around tommorow but for tonight I will keep on tinkering, something is holding me back lol
i'm using det 30.87 :) .. installed it like 3 months ago, and since I never had problem with that, I never update to the latest version .. there's a chance that this newer version of det. might hurt your performance .. have you tried installing the older version?

as far as i know, our cards support windows 98SE OS .. i'm not sure though, coz' i've been running XP w/ my card .. sweet looking card :) .. don't u think? :D
Well going to try the new plan today. Seeing how i have nearly 55gigs worth of movies games and mp3's formatting my 80gb drive is not a good idea. However I still have a ata100 8gb drive 7200 rpm that is going to become my boot drive. Only thing that will go on it is win98se. I will follow that excellent tweak guide and create just a bare bones operating system drive with the latest updates. Thanks to partition magic I can then kill the partition on my 80gb and remove the OS from it. I know this card has to be faster than a ge3ti500 lol
First, definately load the newer Det.40 drivers for a good boost, (mine was almost 900 points), then make sure V-sync is off and Anti-aliasing is off. They are both on by default. Anistropic filtering is Off by default so you need not worry about that setting. Then try running the bench again.
I don't think reinstalling Win98 will help. It works ok right?, Just not up to your expectations.
You also might try turning OFF Fastwrites, make sure the Video Bios Shadow is disabled and Video memory Cache is Disabled in Bios. I got a small increase in score and better stability at higher overclocks disabling Fastwrites. (Go Figure!) Seems to me that that Via Chipset had problems with Fastwrites enabled. actually lowered performance and caused stability problems.

...anyway, there's a few tweaks to try... Good Luck!
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Yodums actually I have no warez on this system, that 55gbs is my music cds and vhs movies converted and as for the games can its 15 years worth of gaming lol. I kinda went nutz one night and reinstalled nearly every game I still own just to see what would happen. Note to self, without MOSLOW do not try to fly the original Wing Commander hehhehe.