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someone clue me in on whats up with my memory and my IC7 please...

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May 18, 2003
okay, check this out.

I've been using 1GB (2 - 512MB sticks) of Geil PC3500 for a while now and my machine hasnt been able to boot up past 270 w/o a steading beeping sound during intial startup.

okay, so I decide to run Memtest and I get an error within like 5 minutes.

fine, I then take out one stick and try Memtest again. guess what? the test goes through w/o any errors at all.

okay, so I take out that stick and replace it with the other stick. same thing, no errors, nothing.

so I then up my FSB to 275 and bingo, I'm at 3.3Ghz where I could not have done before when both sticks were installed.

so my question is, whats up with that crap? Memtest clears both sticks while testing but not if they're together.

and what really cheezes my *** is that these two sticks are supposed to be matched to work together.

someone enlighten me on what the deal is...


Nov 30, 2002
dual channel just stresses the memory more is all. what kind of Vdimm are you giving it in dual channel?


Mar 6, 2003
Yorkshire, UK
I hit the same 270MHz FSB brick wall with my two sticks of Twinmos PC3200 with CH5 chips. The first thing I would do if I were you would be to see how far the sticks go on 1:1 Ratio, when I did this I found that despite 270MHz FSB and above not working in 5:4 or 3:2, the sticks of RAM did DDR450+ together quite nicely at 1:1.

It seems this brick wall people are hitting is mainly due to the IC7 itself and not the memory they are using, as otherwise they could just drop the ratio and be back in business. This just isnt happening though.


May 18, 2003

well, I chunked the POS Geil memory and stuck in some Corsair XMS PC3200 and look at how my system is doing now:


all this on air cooling. :) > what a deal. ;)

it turns out that the POS Geil memory was holding me back the whole time.